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  1. I know a lady that makes shawls for the local Senior Citizen Center. They use them for raffles, birhthday gifts at the Chat & Chows and their fund raisers. She also makes them for the local nursing homes. She does not use expensives yarns, she gets them at yard sales and Dollar Stores, some is donated to her, etc. Between the shawls and also making afghans for charity, she is one busy little lady.
  2. There is one, used edition at amazon.com
  3. You could probably use this pattern and if you did not want to recycle plastic bags, replace the plastic bags with 2 ww yarns or chunky type, then make a flap with velcro, button or snap closure. http://www.myrecycledbags.com/2007/10/13/wheelchair-walker-tote-bag/ Hope this helps you.
  4. Amazon.com has a few used of this particular book for sale.
  5. That is so cool that a youngster wants to learn crochet! The one teenage GD that lives closest by has no interest whatsoever but her brother did. Several months ago when he was still 10, he asked me to show him how to crochet. He was worried about whether it was macho or not so I encouraged him. He learned chain and single crochet and made his teacher a pot holder with the condition she could not tell any one he made it. She told the class her secret friend made it for her. They are still trying to figure out who made it! He said he'll do more this summer- when school's out. He did a great job too.
  6. Your 2-3 week time period has me in awe. With all the things I have to do in a day, I can usually only crochet in the evenings after dinner, dishes, etc.. I looked at your red diamond 'ghan also and have to say the beige one in this thread is my favorite of them. It looks so elegant. Thanks again for sharing and the info. Someday if I ever get real ambitious maybe I can sit down and try to use a photo. (yeah right!)
  7. I just love this afghan the way you put it together! How long did it take you to make and is the afghan pattern itself also a Annies Attic pattern? Beautiful with that edging too. Thank you for sharing the pic.
  8. Okay- now I can breath! It just opened for me. (sigh of relief) Nice Granny!
  9. I'm having problems getting the site to open for some reason. Never came across this problem before. I get the genereric message: The webpage cannot be found. Anyone else not able to access?
  10. That turned out so very nice. He will love it I am sure.
  11. For a very quick gift I like to make Granny Square bookmarks. I just use any pattern for a Granny Square, usually 5 rows, and follow the same pattern for assembly. I use nice thread and the appropriate size steel hook and include a coordinating tassle on a long chain. I especially like to make them in pastel colors for a delicate look.
  12. Could it be the Harlequin Stitch Baby Blanket? Caron Yarns has a 3 pattern leaflet with this baby blanket in it. I can only find it on e-bay. http://cgi.ebay.com/CROCHET-PATTERNS--HARLEQUIN-STITCH-BABY-BLANKET,-JACKET_W0QQitemZ120236780173QQcmdZViewItem?IMSfp=TL0803230843a8298
  13. This site may be of help: www.busybeescrochet.com/ At the top of the Home page a little bee says "Gallery" you will find a photo of this doily after scrolling down. She also has a Contact button. Maybe you could correspond with her for the info you seek. I believe she may be a member on the 'Ville also. Hope this helps.
  14. Here are some links for patterns with similar stitches: http://www.geocities.com/alyssa5000/scapripple.html this one is similar but I don't think the stitches include cluster stitches: http://*****************/grannyripple.html Sorry that's all I can come up with. If you are interested in the book "The Red, White and Blue" afghan is from, it's available at amazon.com. There are several other lovely patterns in it also.
  15. Now that's a surprise- didn't know Wal-Mart had their own brand of yarn! Ya' learn something new every day! I've marked the pattern in this book. I didn't care for it before I saw yours but am inspired to make my To Do List grow again.
  16. Ironically, the pattern name is "The Red, White and Blue". Yours are lovely in fact I like the look of yours better. Not as bulky. Did you use 2 yarns as called for in the pattern?
  17. You could check at the following places: -local community college art dept. (mine has quilting and crafts and sometimes they have needlework) -local yarn shops -Wal-Mart craft/ fabric dept. - local craft stores:; Michaels, Hobby Lobby, AC Moore, Joann's and small businesses Be very careful about posting at retail stores on their bulletin boards. There are so many creeep-o's out there.
  18. ReniC

    Man Vest

    Lion Brand Yarns has a free pattern called Fisherman Crochet Aran Vest. You will need to register for their free patterns if you have not already. http://www.lionbrand.com/
  19. Yikes! This is inspiration: http://www.roadsidescholar.com/tag/aluminum Here's a tute on one style: http://www.escamastudio.com/inspiration/diy.html
  20. I just finished watching the movie "The Letter" (1940)with Bette Davis. Yeah I'll admit it, I watched it again . I'm such a Bette Davis fan. Anyway, she crochets throughout the movie as a distraction to her anxiety. The tapestry tote with wood handles she keeps all her work in is gorgeous too. I've seen her crochet in other movies and was fascinated how fast she hooks. What a gal she was.
  21. ReniC

    New Doily

    Took my little furry gal in to the vet today for a checkup and to have her stitches removed. She did very well! I can only imagine how happy she is to get those pinchy-pully things out. They drove her nuts. Her progress on healing and disposition is going very well and we expect a full recovery of the shoulder joint. When she gets her bath this weekend I will try to remember to post a pic of her all shiny clean- minus one leg.
  22. I too crochet in the car. Even just to town for us is a minimum of 30 minutes since we live in a very rural area. It has helped over the years because I don't like heavy traffic and drive my DH nuts with my silly noises when other drivers make too many close calls. I work on doilies or afghans. Just doilies in the summer time. One thing I do is pack my project in my cloth bag and also include in the bag a 3 lb. coffee can to keep my yarn in. It doesn't flop all over the place and keeps from getting tangled. Someone told me once they use one of the large soda bottles for the same thing, just cut the neck of the bottle off. I prefer the coffee can because of the room and weight. I can use yarn or thread in it.
  23. ReniC

    Stole Pattern

    Kidge- Either one of these patterns would look lovely with a formal dress: http://www.dmc-usa.com/mjRS/1/doc/Crochet_Free_Projects/Instructions_for_Tosca_Wool_Shawl.pdf the "Lyric" shawl at Free Vintage Crochet: www.freevintagecrochet.com
  24. I made this one but added a "page" in the middle for more hooks. The page is a piece of cardboard slipped in a crochet sleeve done in single crochet and whip stitched to the middle of the open case. It holds about a dozen yarn hooks and about 6-7 thread hooks. Sorry- no photos. pattern: http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/lffunt/alhookcase.htm
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