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  1. The only one I have seen on Michael's site (pattern #60140AD) is this one but it is knitted. It could easily be converted to crochet tho : FELTED TOTE
  2. ReniC


    Here's a few clickie links: Reversible Afghan (May not work because it is through the "WayBack Machine Archive") Another Reversible And Another Reversible Hope one of these will do the trick!
  3. I'd love to meet up but I am up in the NW corner of the state and that's 4+ hours away. Boo!
  4. Wow- That is so pretty Demet! I love the stitch pattern too.
  5. Thank you for the effort and info. I will look into it.
  6. Freepatterns.com has a very pretty textured and easy baby blanket called Picot Stitch Baby Blanket. It is 38" X 30" but can easily be changed to your preferred size by eliminating a few rows. Just go by the gauge to figure out how many rows. You do have to be a member there (free) to access the patterns: BLANKET LINK
  7. Lesley- This pattern is the only one I have ever seen with a similar stitch called " Rose Treble Shell". It's on the "skirt" part of the pattern and the bottom of the same page has a link to stitche tutes: Rose Treble Shell Also, there is a Leisure Arts (#3903) book called "280 Crochet Shell Patterns" by Darla Sims. Maybe it would have it in there.
  8. In searching I found this one: Free Screensaver
  9. CraftsEtc.com does which is the online store for HobbyLobby: CRAFTSETC.COM
  10. ReniC

    My first RR

    You did a beautiful job. Such a pretty color combo-Reminds me of a stained glass window!
  11. Very pretty and should fetch a pretty penny in the auction.
  12. Yikes! That is so pretty Linda! I just love looking at your work!
  13. Here's a pattern for a cute frog theme afghan, pillow and toy @: MAGGIESCROCHET.COM
  14. Very nice spider and great job too Alesha. When done in black and red, they make great Halloween decorations too. I did the same for Xmas gifts last year including a little card with the story. I wrapped them in a piece of Xmas fabric then put them in small boxes like the Chinese Food To-Go boxes. I also painted a spider and a Christmas tree on the box the same color as the one that was in the box. Then added filigree all over the box for more decos.
  15. Maria- You're finished doily is absolutley lovely. You did a fine job on it. If you don't mind being off on the finished size, then so be it. If you'd like to experiment, try one hook size larger for a doily than what calls for. Your tension is tight (nothing wrong with that) which lessens the size of the article. But, I'm sure you already knew all that. Happy Stitching!
  16. Here's an easy one: (as she says with tongue in cheek) Grab all the t-shirts, take him by his hand, lead him to where the laundry soap, washing machine and clothes pins are and hand him everything! Why do some men act so helpless when it comes to housework?
  17. That is so pretty! You inspired me to include this on my ToDo List. I just happened to be looking at that pattern here yesterday. I have not done Filet in years and didn't care for it back then, you know- same stitches over and over, but your piece intrigued me. The above website (link in red) also has a lot more info on how to work it and a few other dragon patterns. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed seeing it.
  18. I came across a few other patterns that are similar to the Flakon af Hjerter pattern that were on out-of-country websites, that were taken from booklets titled "American School of Needlework" and "School of Needlework". Two of the book authors I could see were Ann Kirtley and JoAnn Maxwell. Anything ring a bell with anyone?
  19. Here's a tree frog from a lovely young lady in Scotland: TREE FROG
  20. Here is a particular pattern that is great for beginners as it has step-by-steps: Crochet-Along
  21. That's a good interpretation Debbie! You go girl! My German friend, who has a Danish friend, has interpretted it to read: Design of Hearts. Now to find the author.
  22. Those are awfully cute but not like the hearts at all. Thank you for the suggestion. I appreciate all and any help given.
  23. I checked all of the links on this site already and it is not listed there. Maybe she would have some info though.
  24. Can anyone translate the title to English? Flakon af hjerter? That might help a little. And- I'm still hunting
  25. There are several pretty ones at Celt's
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