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  1. You are very welcome! If you have any problems with the end of the pattern, let me know on a personal message. Be sure to refresh my memory what it's about though.
  2. Hi Vonnie- I made these for some of the sons last year, grown and tween-teen and they are still wearing them. They loved them.Easy to make too. clickie
  3. This page has worked for one of my GD's at age 9: Beginner's
  4. For some reason, only page 1/2 shows up now for the pattern but maybe at least this will get you started. Link to the free pattern: Country Living
  5. Here is a picture of a cupcake potholder to at least give you an idea on how to make a simple shaped cupcake. With a cherry too!: Link Also, here is a free pattern for cupcakes on a scarf that would look yummy crocheted onto a baby blanket: cupcakes
  6. Way before "tags" were popular, I had my children make similar ones to the craft in the link below with Christmas cards cut up. They also glued a small group photo on the back and signed and dated them : link to tags
  7. Congratulations on your upcoming addition to your family! Here's a few that might help: Vintage (free) The cutest bonnets and booties ($) Box Stitch (free) Bonnet (free) Hope one or some are to your taste.
  8. For many years I went through the same thing- getting gifts I would never use or wasn't my tastes. Not that I did not appreciate the thoughts because I so do). A few years ago I started making a list about this time of year and broke it down to smaller " What To Buy For Mom List(s)" for each of them. With 6 grown children and 7 grandchildren it was so hard for them to figure out what to get us for gifts. And they would not go by our wishes to not purchase anything. Now they can't wait for the lists and I get everything I want. Nothing goes in a closet or back to the store either.
  9. Hi Demet- Your doily turned out beautiful. You have a good memory. It is on the front of a Magic Crochet, issue #105- December 1996, named Variety.
  10. You are welcome! Would love to see what you come up with when you are finished- or in between potholders! LOL:D
  11. I have this book because I grab a "PK" book whenever I see one. I think it is going to be an easy book to follow since the print is not so tiny like some books. It has a great variety also to choose from. Small and large doilies and in different shapes, coasters, placemats, sachets, table toppers, runners, you name it. The pictures are closeup so you can analyze stitches if needed and the colors are soothing. I am glad I did not pass this one up. If you need more coazing, stick your arm out and I'll twist it for you Go for it!
  12. I got this one to work: Pacy Crochets and this one opened thru the WayBack Machine: Afghan
  13. This site came very highly recommended to me for Opera Yarn: HandyHands
  14. I use the little plastic circular markers by Boye. I made some out of beads out of my bead stash but they were too heavy and pulled on the yarn. Right now I am using them on the side of a afghan to count the rows progressing. I put one on the end stitch of every 10th row so I do not have to constantly repeat counting the same rows over and over. Much more accurate and faster.
  15. ReniC

    Holiday Afghan

    Thank you for the quick response Lindy. I appreciate your generosity on this blanket. Cheers!
  16. ReniC

    Holiday Afghan

    Hi Lindy- That afghan is lovely. May I ask where the pattern is from? I am especially interested in the rows that are sort of zig-zag looking and the scallopy thing on it. I have been searching for about a month now for a Austrian blanket pattern to make my 83 year old mother for Christmas but haven't found anything I think she would love, until I saw this one! Sure is pretty!
  17. Becks- I wasn't sure what AOL is doing so I sent it on a PM also: http://hometown.aol.com/lffunt/scallph.htm
  18. ReniC

    Pixie Hat

    Here's my favorite pixie hat from: SWEATERBABE
  19. I made a set of these as face scrubbies in single colors and single layers and they were a hit. They are called "Soft & Sweet Heart Sachet": SOFT & SWEET
  20. It sounds like you are getting very frustrated and warranted too but do not give up. You have a consumers right to have a well made product. Did you call the 1-800- number in Canada listed on their site? Is there a different number on the yarn wrapper? Keep e-mailing and also send a registered snail-mail letter with a couple of photos showing the problem. As expensive as 10 skeins are nowadays, keep at them until they resolve this. I hope it is resolved soon.
  21. Mostly people are just ignorant to all that people do with needlework, crafts, painting, etc. Especially about the cost and personal time to create. Have a little card to hand out with your name and phone number on it and a line or two that goes like this: I wish I were a magical faerie But I can't crochet for free, Please give me a call And we'll discuss my little fee!
  22. Thank you for the explanation Linda. We used to call them just plain ol' buntings. Snuggly sure makes it sound cuter. I have made at least 7 of them from 1940's and 1960's patterns. Wish I had those patterns now.
  23. Please don't think me ignorant but, what are baby snuggly sets/ snuggies? And I have noticed that Wal-Mart carries very large buttons now.
  24. What a sweet blessing your neighbor is! If you would really like to make her a afghan, the 5.5 Hour Afghan really does only take a short while to make. It does not have to be made in this particular yarn either. Maybe it's what your looking for: 5.5 Hour Afghan (link) Also, everyone adores the Magic Potholders I make for them. I usually make 3, two for grabbing and one for a hotpad and then make a couple of matching thread dishcloths. This pattern is my favorite in the single crochet: POTHOLDERS
  25. If I may reccommend, the puff stitch in the Summer Lilacs afghan pattern looks very much like the chain in your pic. Maybe the pattern would help you: Summer Lilacs
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