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  1. Here are 2 differnt size Peace doves you might like: DOVES
  2. I am currently making one with those colors but arranged just a tiny bit different. I am using RH SS and a clover H hook. When I make the puff stitches, I put just a little bit extra tension in them from the rest of the pattern and it seems to make the puff stitches stay in place better. When I am all finished I will wash and block, then probably push puff stitches out again- LOL!
  3. I always make a swatch to see what hook I get the best gauge with and to also decide how it "feels". I'm using RH SS and a Clover H hook. I prefer a tightness also where the puffs are. With the Simply Soft, you might try going down one size hook and see how you like the way it looks and feels. Keep us posted how you make out.
  4. Here is a link to a pic of the pattern that is similar to what I am making. (ABC link) ABC
  5. Mommies like pastels but babies LOVE bright colors. So I am making it in bold, bright colors. Bright Rose, lemon yellow, lime green, amethyst, bright orange and royal blue. Each row of squares across will be divided with a row of white popcorn st. and also along the edge.
  6. [Have a silly question on this. Are the puffs worked on the right side or wrong side? If I do a puff and pull towards front of project, they seem kind of flat. If I do a puff and push towards back of project, they look good but then the pattern doesn't make sense. It comes out backwards! Help!!! I am currently working on this afghan and the puff st. is on the right side. Sometimes you might have to give a little push to encourage them to stay in the front. One thing that helps me is when I am finishing each puff st, I try to work the next st as though I am working behind each puff st. (keeping my hook behind). Hope that makes sense.
  7. Wow! That was what I said aloud when I opened the link. DH was standing next to me and said the exact same thing. Very pretty and beautiful job.
  8. I my 3G Flash Drive (also called Pen Drive) exclusively for my crochet and it is small and inexpensive. I just download whenever I get a chance and it's good to go when I need to print something off. You can buy them wherever they sell computer supplies. Even Wal-Mart has them. They start at $6 or $7 and go up.
  9. This pattern is very sturdy and would be lovely in purple: Shopping Bag at Garn's
  10. This site has a variety of beautiful flower patterns : MyPicot
  11. I wonder if those colors would look good in this pattern?: Lumberjack
  12. So far the only post I've seen with a 9 square blanket is this one: http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=90155
  13. You can also find blocks of bees wax at bead shops. In fact, I saw some not too long ago in the bead section at my local Wal-Mart. Anywhere that offers a sewing dept. would also be an option.
  14. Those are so very cute! Nice job too. Is the strawberry hat from a Suzie's pattern?
  15. I made this doily (link) into a pineapple rug for my mom with 3 strands of Red Heart Super Saver and a P hook. It came out very pretty. Sorry- no photo.
  16. How about your idea of the two long stripes of the blue and white and use the Baby's ABC Afghan pattern to put a U on one end and a K on the other end? Here's the pattern if you need it for the puff stitch letters: ABC's
  17. I read in haste and didn't register "rectangle". Here is a tute that might be of help at Crochet Cabana" Rectangle Gran Tute Also, here is a full pattern Pattern and an example of this pattern in pink, white and brown.
  18. Scroll down to the chili pepper pattern, use 2 threads of worsted cotton and leave the ends open to slip on the handle. Carrot and Chili Pepper pattern
  19. This pattern at Lion Brand is very pretty and has a myriad of color palette choices: BIG GRANNY
  20. Haven't seen any Lily of the Valley in particular but Celt's has some lovely edgings: Celt's (be sure to scroll down on any that do not have pic's at the top.)
  21. That's very thoughtful of you to want to honor your swap partner's celebration. Maybe this link on the holiday will help you make some choices: Chanukkah (click)
  22. I believe it is this one: CRAZY CLOTH
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