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  1. Lovely! You did a beautiful job and your perserverence paid off. I have this book and started this pattern but frogged it for the same reasons. Maybe another time. You've been an inspiration.
  2. That is such a pretty stitch! Lovely blanket. The mom willlove it.
  3. Thank you all for the lovely compliments. I hope it inspires others to play with colors. The pattern works up relatively fast. I was only able to work on it here and there so was glad to get it finished for a crib blanket. It's in the mail as we speak since my first great -grand is due anytime now!
  4. Here is a link to the Long Tailed Dragon in filet. If used with worsted weight yarn it can be used in a afghan. Not sure if it's the one for you though: DRAGON [quote name=Hi All, I am new to this forum and already need help:D I am looking for a pattern to crochet a blanket for my son in the form of the welsh dragon Could anyone please direct me, or help out with this? Thanks for helping Sue]
  5. Here is a link for a photo of my Baby's ABC blanket in rainbow colors for my GD's first baby. The bottom was going to be purple but wound up being dark blue. I also changed the edging to a scallop of double crochet. ABC Rainbow
  6. Here's a link to the blanket.Her name on e-bay is variety_shopping_store . I too hope someone figures out this pattern: Shell Blanket I'm wondering if anyone has the book "280 Crochet Shell Patterns" (Leisure Arts #3903). Maybe the shell pattern is in it?
  7. ReniC

    Rasta Hat

    Lion Brand's website has several of these patterns in crochet. However, they are called berets. They are listed under Hats/Caps in their Pattern Finder. Link is next: LION BRAND
  8. The bottom right corner purse on the cover is the one I am making as a medium sized tote. All I need to do to finish is line it and make the wood handles: Purses & More To Crochet (L.A.) I made it out of the suede yarn but found it difficult to work with in some areas. It sure feels good though.
  9. Here's one on the C and C site that has a lot potential for different color schemes: RIPPLE And Lion Brand has a P hook pattern: SUMPTUOUS
  10. The Southwest is mostly the states above the Mexican border, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. There is a influence of Mexican design a little bit in decorating but the Southwest Native American tribes have a heavier influence on design and colors. Most of these colors have a meaning and represent something special. Turquoise, terra cotta, reds, corn yellows, oranges, blues, reds, black, each color serves their purpose. All of these colors are also used in pastels, depending on the scheme in the decorating and all look beautiful together. Here is just one website of many that have rug colors to maybe give you any idea. Surf all around to the different Southwest styles, some are taken from authentic designs, some are the artists rendition: EL Paso Rugs
  11. Here's one that starts in the corner: DIAGONAL HUES
  12. ReniC

    Frayed Ends

    You might try this tutorial for Twisted Fringe. Be sure to scroll down to the crochet part of this tute: Tute
  13. This pattern might do the trick: Peppermint Potholder
  14. Hmmmm--- Maybe you should take a trip to your local thrift shop and look around!!!!!
  15. ReniC

    Papa's lapghan

    Very nice. Your Papa will love it!
  16. Very pretty in that color and you did a fine job. The baby's mama should appreciate this blanket immensley. I am making this pattern also but in bright colors. I put it aside for Christmas projects and picked it up again last night. I'm on the next to last section then the border. Will post when done. For anyone thinking about making it, it's easy, works up fast and the color schemes are endless.
  17. ReniC


    Here are 3 pages of lovely flower patterns : FLOWERS
  18. Hi Suellen- I think a doily would be beautiful in the rainbow effect of the yarn you want to use. I'd like to make a suggestion though and try going for two different doilies; one in the yarn of your choice and one in a conservative color such as the ecru, white or a very pale pastel. Judges of crochet and knit doilies at competitions and fairs are always looking for the traditional colors, the quality of the stitches and construction of the piece. Details of the design are also a major factor. Just a gentle suggestion to help you win. ******Forgot to mention that Patricia Kristoffersen's patterns are well suited for Fair competitions.
  19. Here are a few links: RIPPLE RUG RUG SET (oops= has to go thru the wayback machine)
  20. Amy- You might consider one of 2 options: 1. Try out one hook and apply Sculpey clay over the handle area of your hooks and follow the package directions for baking in a very low oven. Or have wood handles made for the hooks at a craft wood cutters shop 2. Maybe the yarn is bothering your skin. I just recently developed an eczema problem from crocheting so much. I'm going to try that cream called "2nd Hand" (or something like that) that auto mechanics use to protect their skin. Hope you find a quick resolve soon. I'd go nuts if I could not crochet! LOL .
  21. Don't know if it's the same but here is a pretty angel bag holder: Angel *** The link will not work because it is on the webarchive but it is at: http://crochetmusings.freeservers.com/pats/angelbh.html
  22. ReniC

    ISO Crochet Thread

    *****POSSIBLY IDENTIFIED as ANCHOR- ARTISTE LUREX Thread, made in Germany. CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR A U.S. SUPPLIER! Didn't know where else to post this: The thread I would like to purchase is very soft, about a size 20 and has metallic thread woven in it. It looks like it is 3-ply (maybe), I have a ornament cover knitted in dark blue with lighter blue metallic thread. Anyone know what brand this is and where to purchase? (previously posted in Yarn Talk)
  23. Thank you for responding so quickly. Sadly, I do not see the lady that made the ornament cover but once a year at the local fund raiser-for-cancer-fair each November. I took a chance hoping someone would recognize my explanation of the thread. Thank you anyway.
  24. I have an ornament on my tree that has a knitted, diamond theme cover on it that is in dark blue with fine metallic, lighter blue thread woven in it. It is very soft and about a size 20 thread. I have searched for this yarn and cannot find it anywhere. The lady that knitted the cover said sometimes she gets the thread from a friend in Germany. Anyone have a clue where to purchase this thread online? (I have a photo of the ornie and a few pieces of the thread but cannot post it as I no longer have a photo account on the Web.) TIA for help on this.
  25. This is a pretty one: ANGEL link And another pretty: ANGEL link
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