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  1. You might check this site or e-mail this gal. She has a lot of magazines from other countries: ERICA'S
  2. This link will take you to a ongoing calender of all patterns listed on AA. There is also info where the pattern is/was, authors, available free and for purchase or where it came from: Pattern Calender/Index
  3. Here's a graph that could be converted a plain leaf and a baby 'ghan: graph link
  4. Cute Strawberries pattern Cute Acorns pattern Bird & Nest pattern Mouse pattern Maybe one of the above will fill the bill.
  5. Hi Desirae- I love this ripple afghan from one of our own members. It is easy and quick to make. LINK One tip I'd like to include: If you are having problems, be sure to count your stitches on every single row. It sounds tedious and boring but it saves so much time and grief in the long run. Hope this pattern helps.
  6. Leisure Arts booklet titled "Afghans inspired By Scripture" has a grape theme afghan in a dark lavender. The pattern is called "Grapes and Vines". LINK to pic
  7. Very lovely and the colors are beautiful. Reminds me too of a modern southwest rug- like Navajo.
  8. ReniC

    purse pattern

    I love this pattern and I think you could easily make it. The stitches required are only Chain, double crochet, half double crochet, reverse single crochet, single crochet, and slip stitch. Just think of the large color choices this could be made in. CHAKRA
  9. This is the address that the directions used to be on some time ago. No photos just directions. It works sometimes, sometimes not???? www.thefamily.com/countrycottage/crochet/double.html
  10. This yarn is sold at Hobby Lobby stores and Crafts, Etc. is the online store for them. (Note link)
  11. That turned out lovely! You did a fine job. The one I just recently finished I made out of RH-SS in the many colors of the rainbow and it was larger than the pattern quoted in their yarn. I am curious as to the size of yours in the Brites yarn.???
  12. I love making the scrubbie sets with a little matching basket or coaster sets with matching baskets just to keep in a stash for emergency gifts. I also do this with doilies when I'm not bogged down making things for everyone.
  13. One possibility would be to make them a gift card explaining that you are going to make them a baby blanket and you would like them to pick out their own special color and return a RSVP type response that you have included with the card.
  14. Divine!!! Love the color scheme. The niece will love it.
  15. That is a pretty lapghan! A sense of accomplishment is always satisfying. Thank you for sharing your accomplishment.
  16. The fashion industry and home decorating pretty much go hand-in-hand. Here are the charts of preferred colors for Spring 2009, one at the beginning and one at the end. Funny pics but pretty colors: Pantone (pdf)
  17. Very, very pretty! You did a fantastic job. :clap:clap
  18. Many prayers and blessings for you to recover quickly and also to guide your doctors and medical tech's to find out quickly what is going on. Please keep us posted. Hugs!
  19. I too have doilies that are vintage from my MIL after she passed away. Come to find out, one is from her mother who went to west Oregon in a covered wagon as a child. Also, a light wool, knit, afghan that nobody knows where it came from. It's still a mystery. These to me are all treasures.
  20. I came across this lovely blog while looking for embroidery inspiration and saw this poem that so describes vintage doilies. Please take a gander and enjoy : The Life Of A Doily
  21. CPC has a large list of tablecloth patterns: Tablecloths
  22. Crochet toys are always cute and appreciated. Here's 2 links : ANIMALS or AMIGURUMI
  23. This pattern is very pretty and after reading through it, seems to be fairly easy: LACY
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