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    Bunny For GGD

    My grand daughter asked for a Hello Kitty with a hat she saw online for her daughter but could not find the web page again. And since Hello Kitty is copyrighted I had to go by her description. I made it with RHSS and brushed the body and head with a pin brush. It has a pom-pom tail which I forgot to take a pic of. So, here's Howdy KittyBunny!
  2. Yikes! You gals are good. Thank you so much for the responses. I will check back one more time later this evening in case others post. **** I decided to make the Bubbles blanket posted on CPC. I am hoping to finish it by Saturday. Thank you all again for your help.
  3. I am so sorry for your sis's BF. Blessings for her. This is still my most favorite wash cloth in crochet or knit. They are so pretty done up in solid colors or even just a plain off white and are fast to make too : JoAnn's washcloth
  4. Hello!- I've been looking at all the pictures of the Lace and Bobbles afghans and they're AWESOME!! I REALLY want to make one for my boyfriend. Where can i get the pattern?? Thanks~Puma412 This particular pattern is so pretty and so versatile. I bought my copy of Afghan For All Seasons at JoAnn's (Nevada) about a month ago so it might be available in your area too. Here's what the book looks like: LINK
  5. I need to make a baby afghan (with Pound Of Love yarn) by this Easter Sunday but can only work on it in the evenings. I have looked all through my books but all would take me way too long. Would anyone be so kind to point me in the right direction for a very fast baby afghan?
  6. In 2009 I made baby bootie coin purses with a announcement card attached on the outside "We're expecting a New Baby" and when it was opened on the inside was a signed tag saying " April Fool's!". To get the gist of this; I am way past the age of having babies.
  7. I too say "skān". My mother is from Austria and she too has always said it the same way. Hope this helps.
  8. ReniC

    Pom Pom Makers

    The fork method for pompoms is very intriguing but for some reason, the pics are red-X'd out. I will have to try the pattern by following the directions. I purchased a Clover brand pom-pom maker some time ago and used it for the first time last night. Works great! The directions are a bit laxing on instruction and after figuring them out whipped right through my first one. It makes very even pom-poms but I do need to work on my tension on the finishing tie. I hardly had to trim at all. I am glad I bought this gadget and will be using it frequently in the future.
  9. ReniC


    from north west AZ!
  10. Thnk you for all the info. I will be patient and see what happens. And Rachel- that was so sweet of you to post all those links. I will go thru them and maybe the pattern I am seeking will be in there. Too bad I cannot remember the name of it!
  11. I tried to browse through Coats & Clarks free pattern website looking for a particular afghan pattern and found that only the first page for each categorie had patterns on them. All the other pages were blank. Has anyone read or heard anything about them dumping all the previous patterns off? COATS & CLARK FREE PATTERNS link
  12. Your blankie is turning out so very pretty. Keep us posted!
  13. Hi Valerie- For large projects like afghans I make my own labels and sew them on. Here is a tute from where I got the instructions: soulmama For small projects such as doilies, dishcloth sets, etc. I print business cards with my own logo that also have the care and laundry instructions on the back of each, then tie them to the gift with a pretty ribbon. I also found other ideas with different kinds of scrapbooking medias that can be printed out to suit your own tastes.
  14. Hi Jeanne- I wash all finished projects on gentle in the washer then use a good fabric softener and throw it in the dryer until almost dry, block it and finish it by air drying it. If it is a gift, I always use unscented fabric softener.
  15. RedHeart Yarns has a very colorful throw for kids or baby: CHILDS THROW
  16. Very pretty! I love the color combo also. Those little feet are cute too!
  18. Hi Katherine and WELCOME to the Ville' from another Arizona gal. This is a great place to kick start your crochet back up.
  19. This link was posted here on the 'Ville back in 2006 (I think) and it is the only one I have ever seen that is vertical. The "Search" feature on this list is amazing! Looks like a beach ball!
  20. Hi and welcome to the Ville". This pattern is similar to the craft yarn council's pattern but the colors are differnet too. BARGELLO
  21. This pattern at Crochet Today!, minus the buttons, is very close: BEJEWELED BERET
  22. I have not a clue why a old link to another site showed up. I did change it to the correct addy and it opened fine for me ("*****************"). Then I double checked and it would not open thru the link. Go figure. Sorry for the confusion.
  23. One of these might work for you. Some may need a few items added LION BRAND GARN STUDIO HOOK YARN and NEEDLES CARON YARN
  24. ReniC


    This one is a nice pattern.
  25. Amazon has a 1997 leaflet by House of White Birches called: Navajo Afghans. Also, Leisure Arts leaflet #1233 "Southwest Afghans To Crochet" has a Navajo pattern called "Striped Diamond Afghan" made in red, grey, black and white that I made several years ago in other colors. The diamonds are raised (3D) and both ends of the blanket have fringe on them.
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