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  1. Hi Gang! Sounds like you've all kept busy, even when you're not busy. LOL. I have been experiencing some added health problems. I was in remission with colitis for 5 years and all of a sudden Boom! Hit me like a ton of bricks.  Another doctor appt this coming week. If I have to do one more test, I will scream. Geesh this getting old stinks. My DH used to say "it's not the Golden Years, it's the Rusty years!"

    I finally felt well enough last night and started crocheting a scarf for the oldest of my Grt-grands for Christmas. She loves hats and scarves. I came across a cute poncho pattern the other day, so, if I'm up to it the 2 younger grt-grands will each get one for Christmas. I'm not sure about the little boy- maybe a sweater like I mentioned before????

    The high desert weather here has finally cooled to low 80's, but sadly, no rain. Send it this way if your area gets too much.

    DD is coming over today to make Chicken Parmigiana for dinner. This will fit in with my prescribed temporary diet, minus too much red sauce. I hope all are well and coping. Keep on stitchin'! 

  2. I've had a couple of down days not feeling great which puts a damper on crocheting. However, I just cannot stay away from it so, I made a 30 minute flower for my Grand-Dog's collar. I hope everyone has had a good day. :hug

    Flower for DeJa'.jpg

  3. Krys- I remember now it was your Candy Corn Family I knew I'd seen somewhere! They are so cute and I loved the story you included for the Triplets birth. Geesh- that was about 4 or 5 years ago right? I've looked into the Upright Walkers, but just can't make up my mind on that purchase. I'm not sure I would even like it.

    Canes: Height of the cane is important also to prevent fatigue in the arm/shoulder.

    And no rain in sight for here either- Boo! It is so dry in this high desert.

    I worked on the little drawstring bag last night and finished the border. I'm at a standstill for the drawstring though. I want to make a cord of some sort, but can't find one that doesn't stretch too much. It seems like I looked at a dozen videos so far. I-cord, Spiral Cord, etc. I'm using Simply Soft yarn and it's hard to see the stitches with a H/8 hook.

    I'm trying for a super day and hope you have one too. Ta-ta!


  4. I'm going to assume the vest is store bought. I've not seen any patterns like this anywhere. However, you could use this pattern, make the last row at your waist, make the closure at your waist also, then add the fringe.

    The yarn looks to be possibly Rayon or maybe Silk or Silk/Cotton blend. They can be pricey and slippery to work with, you need to make sure every single stitch is pulled through completely. 

  5. 6 hours ago, Tampa Doll said:

    What a cutie and WOW what a prize.  That is so cool that you get the calendar.

    Thank you Mary Jo. It wasn't a surprise she won. My GD promoted her like she was the dog's agent. LOL. There are several items in the bag that are not visible since they're tucked way down.

    I've never been around Pitbulls before, and of course, they're given such a bad reputation because of a select few that are abused and used for the wrong reasons. This little gal is sweet, gentle and loving- always wanting to be petted. I had a Doberman back in the day and everyone was afraid of him because of their reputation. He was one of the most intelligent and gentle dogs I've had the pleasure of having in my life. My German Shepard I had at the same time was a retired K-9 and taught the Dobie so much. Another sweetie too.

  6. Owlvamp: Wow! Wonder Woman trophy for you! I'm pretty good at be mechanically inclined but you outshined me 100x more. You go gal!

    Me: I did work on the drawstring bag las night. All that's left is the border and drawstrings. I may put some beads on them.

    I thought I graduated from the walker to my cane this morning, but after a few rounds around the house, went back to the walker for a day or so more. I prefer it to pain meds.

    My GD helped me make some Pecan Pie Bars yesterday. They were ok, but to me, not near as good as the good old Pecan Pie. Half are for my SIL since he helps so much around here, and the other half goes in the freezer. Too tempting to keep them all out.

    I came across a cute pattern for little Candy Corn ami's. If I have the colors for them and since they're small, I'm going to whip out 4 of them for my GG kids. But, I'll make the faces just a bit different.

    Hope the day goes smoothly for all. Toodles!


  7. My GD's dog won the Cutest Dog contest at the local fro-yo shop out of 50 dogs entered. They offer puppy frozen yogurt (non-dairy) and she loves it. This is just one of her photos used in the contest with the scarf I made her and her pose when she's told to "be cute".


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  8. 19 hours ago, NCcountrygal said:

    Sorry about your pain. Mine flares up along with several other areas.  Wishing you a better evening and night. 
    Finished mom’s doily what a chore. This was a PK star in-front of book.  I do believe it has some errors but I fudged through.  Had to walk away a dozen times looks decent and will be enjoyed. 

    Thank you Diana for your kind thoughts. The hip seems better today. Dislocating a joint at my age is not a picnic, that's for sure! I look forward to seeing the doily for your mom. Every time I go into my yarn closet, I see my plastic storage box full of crochet thread and chastise myself for not making doilies anymore. In fact, I have a WIP from just before my husband got ill. I'll pull it out in the near future and finish it.

    Hope your day goes without a hitch.


  9. On 10/3/2020 at 5:20 PM, Akimber said:

    Approximately how long does it take to make a completed leper bandage? 

    I'm sorry I missed your above post. This post is 8-15 years old so I'm pretty sure these folks are no longer active on here. You might look online for info about crochet/knit bandages for leprosy. There might be some patterns floating around.

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