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  1. The Houndstooth stitch comes to mind like this scarf I made previously. Here's another pattern: Houndstooth.
  2. That is so very pretty. Love the little toadstool in the glass to. That gives me an idea for a Christmas gift.
  3. What a pretty day today! No wind and up to about 73°. Can't ask for more. I'm curious about what winter will be like here since we had so much wonderful rain this summer. I hope all are having a very pleasant day.
  4. Hi All. Just popping in reading everyone's notes. It's nice to read what everyone is up to and about their weather changes. Even after all these years I miss the 4 seasons in the Lake Tahoe area. It was a very special place to my family for all year long. Sunday had a surprise for me as my DD was given an extra day off so she cooked dinner for us. Surf and Turf. What a feast! I saved the steak for last night's dinner, but enjoyed the King Crab legs and all the sides she made. Since she's gone back to work I haven't seen her but a few moments a day on her way to work. I'm so blessed to hav
  5. Congratulations! Sounds like a cute book. I told my daughter about it so she can buy it for her grandkids.
  6. I've not used this Hobby Lobby yarn as I don't have a store in my town. After looking up both yarns on their websites, I would venture to say they would not be the same. Yarn Bee Soft and Sleek is listed as a 4 weight and the Lion Brand Scarfie is listed as a 5 weight. Your best option is to make a swatch of each and compare gauges. If they measure out the same per stitches, you probably could make a go of it.
  7. pineknott: That's good news! I hope the cardio visit goes as well. On another note, it rained again last night! We haven't had this much rain during summer and fall in a very long time. I'm loving it. On a whim, I made another jar cover last night. Same pattern, a little bit larger jar, but different yarn. It's not as pretty to me as the smaller one, but, it's functional. Back to the afghan. I only have about 3 rounds to go. Enjoy your day and..... Be a Fruit Loop in the world of Cheerios! (author unknown)
  8. Well, Fall is here! The wind is a sure sign of seasons changing in this part of the country. I think I'll stay indoors since 25-35mph with 50mph gusts is a bit rough. Glasses are working well (they better at that price) and are comfier than the last pair. SIL is having some heart issues and he's only 54. He's all set for more tests by his cardiologist. DD is a bit anxious over this and I don't blame her. I am too for that matter. Mary Jo: Hope all went well with Tampa Guys' procedure. Please keep us posted. I'm so glad you are crocheting again. I try to diversify with painting,
  9. ReniC


    Yarnspirations Yarn Company has several style patterns. So does Lion Brand yarn.
  10. Thanks for the info Mary Jo. I looked online and the frames I bought were $56 less online than what I paid for. Told ya' I got gouged. I also had to pay part out of pocket for the eye exam even though in previous years it's been billed to Medicare and my secondary. I never paid anything out of pocket with my previous Dr's as it was considered medical due to glaucoma. Like I said, I like the Dr, but, not impressed with how much more they charge for everything. Done venting. Today will be better!
  11. Rain again this morning and welcomed. Maybe more later. It's not acting like Arizona with all this rain. I need to pick up my new glasses. Talk about expensive- WOW! I did get 30% off for belonging to AARP. I still felt gouged though. Mary Jo: Prayers for Tampa Guy for everything to run smoothly. I'm glad to read you've picked your hook up again. Small projects are great to glide back in. Enjoy!
  12. We had a huge storm early Monday morning. I could not go to sleep no matter what I tried so, I got back up and read awhile. The last time I looked at the clock was 4am. I finally fell asleep and BOOM! Thunder at 5am directly over my house. Talk about a wakeup. The lightening was so bright it had a blue tinge! Needless to say, I only slept a couple of hours after the storm but, made it through the rest of the day. The rain was nice though. LOL It's been cloudy around here off and on since and maybe a shower or 2 this weekend. It's strange but welcome to have so much rain this summer and no
  13. What tween or teen wouldn't love this hat ? Nice work.
  14. Be sure to check with your local library and also thrift stores. If your library does not have it, they can possibly borrow from another library. My local library has borrowed books for me even from out of state.
  15. That is a very pretty shawl. The designer Kathryn White (scroll to bottom for info) used to answer her e-mails and was a member here on Crochetville. Maybe she could give you some advice on her pattern.
  16. Good question. Now I'm wondering the same. Maybe, if necessary, instead of weaving in one of the tails it could be used to wrap and tie a bow around to secure. ETA: Or a knot like a half hitch or a girth hitch to easily untie and unroll.
  17. Welcome to Crochetville. Looking forward to seeing the sweater.
  18. Mona: I can sympathize with you on the PT. I'm going through the same discoveries. Who knew what muscles still hang around, right? Ow- ow- ow! Krys: That's a good one about the animals being good listeners. 😂 Hoping all have a lovely day!
  19. This pattern is interesting. I like the way it can be unrolled to launder and wonder how it would work with the Scrubbie type yarn.
  20. One plus is, if there is something I call about that's pressing, she'll get the Dr. on the call also. They're all in the same building and affiliated with the hospital. There is even a Urgent Care at this facility. I do have to monitor my BP and oxygen levels daily. If I'm not satisfied with the service, of course I can cancel. We'll see how it goes.
  21. Thanks Lea! That's nice to know you'd do that. DD keeps trying to get me to adopt a dog or cat, but, I'm just not sure I can care for either at this point. At least animals don't talk back! LOL Mary Jo: I too keep a good conversation going with myself, and sometimes the TV! LOL Pretty nice here today and no wind, but up to 86°F later and down in the 70's next week. My kind of temps! When it gets below 80, I can sit on my back patio and crochet. Here's hoping everyone's day turns out great!
  22. Very pretty set. The hook caddy is similar to one my DH made for me several years ago.
  23. Your shawls sound very pretty. In my experience with puff st, they are counted as a stitch. I do like when a pattern has different types of stitches, to include in each row count how many of each of the stitches are expected, i.e. (20 ch, 20 dc, 10 puff st, 1 ch 3). Hope I explained that so it's clearer than mud.
  24. Mary Pat: That's great news on all your ribbons and gift card. Congratulations! I'm experiencing a little bit more of an incentive for crochet. I'm ready to add the border to my afghan and I finished one of my WIP doilies that was started a few years ago. If I crochet in the evenings, I get more done during the day. LOL
  25. ReniC

    Doily #2

    Thank you! And it is a good feeling to finish up a WIP. I only had 9 rounds left. Guess I just forgot about it.
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