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  1. Well it has been a very long time since I have been on here. My last post I told you all that I was under going treatment for cancer. I am hanging in there, may still need some treatment in spring, last test showed pre cancerous cells, but the doctor explained that is could just be from the raditation treatment ( I had to have 33 treatments) so will know more coming up. Anyway, just wanted to say Hi. I havent crochet in over a year but want to get back into it again. I miss it. But just wasnt up to doing it. But now I feel I am. It has been a very long road, but have been so lucky to have my wonderful husband right by my side. Can not wait to go thru all the post here and meet some new people. Trish
  2. oh my goodness, so cute
  3. It was from hooked on crochet magazine december 2005. I keep looking but can not find the pattern.
  4. I had made my granson a pair of these penguin mittens and he lost one and I want to make him a new pair, but of course you know it I can not find the pattern, I did find the picture of it but the rest of the pattern is missing. Before I tear my craft room apart I was wondering if someone here has the pattern or know where I can find it. I did search for it but can not find it. Any help would be great. Trish
  5. I have started making christmas presents, so far just a couple, fingerless gloves, scraf for my granddaughter, 4 dishcloths for my niece (want to make her 10), lap blanket for my sister in law. That is is so far.
  6. Thanks for the help, I am looking at the one mentioned above, maybe I can change one. I know I have the pattern somewhere, will keep looking for it. I know if I just take the time and sit down I can come up with the one I want. Trish
  7. I know I have somewhere in my thousands of printed patterns one for this cute little spider, he is of course black with six legs and an orange hat. I know this was free pattern, does anyone know where I can find it. I have been looking on line but can not seem to find it. Thanks for your help Trish
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