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  1. technically I'm a self taught beginner ( only been at it a few months ) but I do advanced patterns and doilies with ease , not tried my hand at fitted clothing yet .
  2. Right handed, but teaching myself left handed so I can teach a lefty how to crochet.
  3. Those are the most adorable little turtles I have ever seen ... perfect size for computer desk pets too !!!!!
  4. I've posted the pattern in the original patterns list for those interested!!! Thanks for all the support and comments about the piece !!! Scenna
  5. Last night I did a search for pagan crochet and wicca and found very little until I opened this thread I did not quite find what I was looking for , but with all the helpful links in this thread I came up with my own pattern. And I thought someone else might enjoy it as well. a pentagram pentacle block I will gladly share the pattern with anyone interested. Thank You , Scenna
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