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  1. Thanks! My dad and I both have MS so it's a charity that's very close to my heart.
  2. Priszm


    It's funny what people associate with the colors. When I was making them I was thinking more along the lines of Harley
  3. I posted the pattern link the last time I shared some of these. The thread with the link is here. Thank you everyone!
  4. Priszm


    I've been working on some H Bags and I recently made a SBT from Turtlelvrs pattern. The H Bags I modified the Snowflake Hotpad pattern found here.
  5. A co-worker ordered twelve of these from me for Christmas Gifts. The money she paid was donated to the National MS Society Mid-Florida Chapter.
  6. That's a pattern I have as well, but it hasn't been requested for these last few orders.
  7. Sadly I haven't been able to do many snowflakes lately. They're what I'm really wanting to be working on. But I do have a very good reason for not doing any, I've been busy working on Hotpad orders. I sell them and the money goes to the National MS Society Mid-Florida Chapter. A co-worker hit me with a request for 12 Christmas colored ones! I need to have them to her by tomorrow and thankfully I'm almost done.
  8. Priszm


    There's a bunch of videos available on You Tube now for putting them together.
  9. Priszm


    Thanks! These are a free pattern I found a while back and it goes so quickly. Here is the pattern on Ravelry.
  10. Priszm


    I haven't been hanging around Crochetville much in the last year, heck I haven't crocheted a whole lot. A lot of stuff just got in the way. But I've been back at it and wanted to share some things I've done. I've been selling Hotpads with the proceeds going to the National MS Society. I have pictures on my blog here. Thanks for looking!
  11. I haven't been around Crochetville a whole lot in the last year. Heck, my crocheting has even slidden a bit. But the urge has been on me and there hasn't been enough time for all I want to do. With that said, I wanted to share the two snowflakes I recently completed. One even has a funny story attached. They're at my blog here. And as a stiffening method I use plain old spray starch. I pin the snowflakes, spray them to soaking (doesn't take much), let them dry. Once they are dry I spray again. Once dry again I turn them and repeat from the back. It might be overkill, but I figure bet
  12. It looks a lot like the place mats I made my mom for Christmas my first year. I didn't know to count the starting chain, so each one I made after the first I would hold the chain up to the first to compare length. Not a single one is the same size.
  13. It's all good, they were Caron pounds and I've got both Joann and Michael's within 2 miles of home. I weaved in as I went so I wouldn't have them to do all at once.
  14. Thank you! I've been working on it since September along with another project. Thankfully the diamonds don't really take long. Oh, and for the record, a pound and a half of cream is NOT enough for 96 motifs using a K hook
  15. I made this for my parents bed. I used a K hook with the Caron Pounds in Kelly Green, Pale Green, Royal Blue, Light (sky?) blue, dark purple and cream. I wanted to make sure it would be big enough for a queen size bed, so I increased the number of motifs for the Kelly Green.
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