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  1. My most recent one is here. It was made with Lion Brand Pound of Love. And I really had no color change plans on it. I used the "ok, I'm tired of this color now, time for another" method . I did want more lilac in that last round, but I didn't have enough, so it got shortened a bit.
  2. What about doing one in rainbow colors? It'll work well with either gender and have lots of bright colors for the baby to enjoy looking at.
  3. I recently completed 2 that are going to be sent to Sissie44 for VJGC. I used Caron Pound in Espresso, Lace and Cream and an L hook. Both are approximately 50" point to point. Image is clickable.
  4. I say use whatever you're comfortable with and what you feel works well with the yarn. I'm currently doing some 2 round grannies in the CSS with an I hook.
  5. I finished another one! I'm being lazy tonight and don't feel like uploading to Photobucket. So you can see it here. I used Lion Pound of Love in the bright pink and the softer yellow and a J hook.
  6. Hi Jenni! I'm in the Tampa area! And Go TWINS! I'll cheer for the Rays as long as they're not playing my Twins
  7. Thanks guys! It didn't quite work out the way I planned. I thought I had more of the yellow. But I sadly didn't, and there's no way I can get more. I got this batch from Craigs List.
  8. Here's another being sent to Sissie44 for her seniors. Image is clickable. I used 2 strands throughout and a P hook.
  9. Ohhh, I can't wait to see a pic of that! I'm planning an Irish Chain Quilt 'ghan using similar colors
  10. That might not be enough. I did one in three colors, 2 greens and a cream and it fit my queen sized bed and I think I went through roughly not quite two skeins of each color. And I used the Caron Pounds too.
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