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    Doilies, angels, etc
  1. tayzeanna

    My pillow pal

    that is super cute! Great job!!
  2. I would like to test this pattern.
  3. tayzeanna


    That turned out great
  4. tayzeanna

    Snow Dancer My December Design

    So beautiful!! I love your designs!
  5. I listed these on ebay - no bites.
  6. tayzeanna

    Knooking increases

    okay but how exactly would I do that if I am doing this with a crochet hook?
  7. tayzeanna

    Knooking increases

    I think it makes sense
  8. tayzeanna

    Knooking increases

    I am not sure of the difference here. I did see some instructional videos online but I am at work and I can't get sounds to work at home.
  9. tayzeanna

    Knooking increases

    Can anyone help me by telling how to increase at the end of a row with Knooking? I am trying to knook a knit pattern and now I am stuck.
  10. tayzeanna

    Knit to crochet question

    Next question - how do you increase and where beginnings or ends of rows?
  11. tayzeanna

    Knit to crochet question

    Okay, I am making small progress on this project and came across another question. Do I keep threading the holding cord through each row (letting the last row loose from the holding cord ) or keep threading that through all rows and take it all out at the end - if that is even possible???
  12. tayzeanna

    Locker Hooks

    okay, the pattern calls for size 8mm and 6.5mm knitting needles - which size locker hook does that? G/H?
  13. tayzeanna

    Locker Hooks

    Do these come in one size only at Hobby Lobby? If so, what do i do about gauges?
  14. tayzeanna

    Knit to crochet question

    Does the locker needle hook only come in one size? If so, how do I change the gauges for individual projects?