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  1. Gosh I like this site!! You all are so nice..so helpful..so knowledgable! Thank you for helping me with the bracket problem. I am pleased to say the project is now completed, wrapped, and under the tree. Thank you again. Have a blessed Christmas!
  2. Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!
  3. Hi there...I have never seen this bracket combination before and am not sure what I am supposed to do. OH HELP!! Sl st in ch-1 sp, ch 5, tr in same sp as sl st,[*[[ch1,(tr,ch1,tr)in next ch-1sp]]4times, ch4, sk ch sts and first sl st, sl st in next 3 sl st, ch 4, sk next sl st and ch sts, *9tr,ch1,tr) in next ch-1 sp) 17 times, rep from * to * 1 time, join in 4th ch of beg ch-5. Thanks much...Carol
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