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  1. As a bag addict, I've got to say it's gorgeous and definitely something I'd carry out and about. Great job.
  2. The bag is HUGE and gorgeous and I LOVE it. If I hadn't been in the car when I opened it, I'd have been jumping up and down (which isn't necessarily a good thing for me, but I'd have done it anyway). It's, well, it's just wow., and I will cherish it always. The pictures don't really do it justice. The colors are bold and bright and I'm just in awe of it. I kept telling my husband, she's one talented lady--over and over. I bet he thought I was crazy. There was a beautiful hook case tucked away inside it, too, that will also be cherished and I've already loaded it up with what hooks I managed to save. To say this made my day would be understating it. I can't thank you enough. It will be put to good use, even as I do my best to be careful with it. And I will yank the cat's claws out if he even looks at it funny, lol He's been more claw happy since the fire. I guess it's his way of adjusting, even though he's driving us crazy with it.
  3. Oh how pretty. You did an amazing job, and the fabric is so awesome.
  4. That is gorgeous! Now you've got me making plans on what all I can make to accent my patio/deck (whichever I end up with) once hubby finally gets me one built! lol Great job!!!
  5. As always, you do amazing and lovely work. The bag is gorgeous. I'm sure whoever gets it, will love and cherish it always.
  6. How cute! Both the sweaters and the model. Great job.
  7. I spoke too soon! Shortly after my last post, I looked up to find Oz collarless again. Silly cat. Apparently two strands of regular sewing thread was too flimsy for him, so I doubled it to four this time. Maybe it'll last longer. He broke it while scratching--silly kitty. At least it's super easy to put back on him, just retie with new thread. I find putting a collar on them early is usually best, as it allows them to get used to it. The only reason Cleo didn't get one earlier is because she's got a little bitty head and neck and they were all way too big. No idea why I didn't think to make her one sooner. She's like half the size of Oz and she's already 9 months old, so I figure she won't be getting much bigger if any at all.
  8. They still have them on this morning! I was so afraid I'd get up to two collars laying in the floor. LOL Kiddo is happy because he can now hear Oz coming again (Oz HATES the kid and attacks him without warning, sad but true), which makes him much easier to avoid. I've tried collars on Cleo in the past and besides them being too big, she freaked out big time. When I put this one on her, she tried to look down at it, decided her neck needed a bath and went on about her business as if nothing unusual had happened. Got to admit, her reaction shocked me a bit. Hubby said maybe the cotton feels better to her than the nylon of store bought ones did. *shrugs* Who knows? And thanks. Oz has such a pretty brown and black striped coat with a heart shaped pattern on one side and pretty swirls, really unique in color (I grew up with orange or gray kitties, so he was something else IMO) and Cleo has the prettiest black swirl patterns. She's also Miss Independent and does her own thing. Doesn't care to be held at all and isn't really big on being petted either, though she will allow it a little. Oz is a mama's boy, always curling up with me for a nap or insisting on sitting on mama's chest. He's so jealous of hubby it's hilarious.
  9. Thanks. I adore the little critters, and their doggy brothers.
  10. I've been having trouble finding a collar to fit Miss Cleo properly, and yesterday Mr. Oz broke his, so I sat down this evening and created them both new ones. Pink and white for Cleo and white/yellow/green for Oscar (Oz). They seem to fit pretty good and are held together at the ends with a couple strands of sewing thread so they can be easily broken if they get caught up on anything. Safety first with the kitties. Cleo has a bit of bling on hers (a flat, round pearly looking bead) and both have a bell, helps the kiddo know when Oz is sneaking up on him, lol. They were super simple to make. I used cotton and did just the basic single crochet (2 stitches wide) until the length needed. One I used rings at each end of it (didn't find them until the first one was done), which made it a little easier to put together with the sewing thread. Didn't take but a few minutes each to make. Took longer to wrangle the cats into them than it did to create them.
  11. I'm not normally one for neutral colors, but that is just gorgeous and the colors work perfectly for it, IMO. Great job!
  12. I'm an aunt again. :clap:cheer Little Braxton (his initials are BB) was born late last night and is my second nephew. I immediately had to get to work on something for the lil guy and here's what I came up with. The colors are to match his nursery theme and come home outfit (he gets to go home tomorrow) which are Arkansas Razorbacks (though I'm still trying to figure out why, but then again, I'm sort of the anti-sports kind of person). I have not seen him yet, but we're going this afternoon and I cannot wait! I made him a hat, mitts, booties and they are laying on his diaper bag I made him (it's sewn, though). Can't wait to get my hands on...I mean see the lil guy. I don't think I've stopped bouncing yet!
  13. Once again, I'm late coming in, but I just had to say that as usual, it's a gorgeous bag. I really like the color combination.
  14. I'm late coming in, but I just had to say that, as always, it's a beautiful bag. The colors are awesome on this one.
  15. I love plastic canvas. I keep trying to get the kids into it, but none seem interested. That is, other than my 10y/o son, who was busy making a plastic canvas "pokeball" last time I saw him. I may have a crafter in the making yet with that one! Please include me in this.
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