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  1. happens all the time to me.... I'm still looking for a crochet hook I lost two week ago.
  2. Well, first off, I agree, don't get the kids involved. You just don't need that sort of drama. Just go replace them. The only reason you might go after them personally is if some of them was very important to you. (i.e. passed down from grandma's inheritance.) Vent all you want, I'm always here to listen. If you want to chat personally, just ask me for my AIM info. (Assuming you have AIM) Anyway, I'm going to search my stash and see if I can find some patterns for ya. Meanwhile, I found a link to a website with doily patterns. http://www.thecraftytipster.com/crochet/crochet-doilies.html
  3. BTW.... Rosemary, I love the avatar.
  4. hiya! I just moved to Durant, OK! Home of SOSU! yeeaaaaaaaaaaaa
  5. i think it's for sale at Hasting's and Books a million .. but seriously, check out the subscription prices on annie's attic. i just got an email saying they are having a half off subscription price with a year free. dont know if that's just current subscribers or everyone, but worth checking in to.
  6. Cool! It's Kermit's nephew, Robin! Another great pattern!!
  7. Thank you RoseRed, that's a great ideal. and thanks for the sew on fire reference.
  8. thanks much! that's just what i wanted to know! i feel silly not being able to think of that myself.
  9. Hello. I need help. I am several afghans behind on my orders, and a bit overwhelm. I need a super-fast afghan pattern. (baby sized) I don't care about colors, skein count, or pattern, just anything that works up really really quick so I can get caught back up! Thanks much! also, I'm have a major senior moment here........what is the name of that pattern that is a zig zag but goes in rounds not rows?
  10. how about how long would it take to complete? Are we talking about a one or two day project?
  11. hi everyone. just wanted to let everyone know im back. I had a lot of trama and drama, but, im now settled in a new state, with a new job, and hopefully, a smoother ride. if i left anyone hanging on any sort of project, please accept my sincerest apologies.
  12. I would like to test this pattern out...but i need quite a bit of time to work it as I could only do it on my days off of work. Let me know if you are still looking for testers.
  13. I had a similar problem, here's the solution that worked for me: At the corners, use 2 ch between the DC groups, and along the sides, use 1 ch between the dc groups. Make sure that the number of stitches is even on all four sides. When you do the type of squares the join the round in the center of a side, its really easy to add in an extra stitch. hope that helps.
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