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  1. Thank you, this is very helpful, I was just about to start a granny square baby afghan for a friend and the last one I made came out "tilted." Turning after each row sounds like such an obvious resolution, I never would have thought of it! LOL!!
  2. Oh my gosh, my cats do the same thing! Great monkey's!!
  3. How fantastic! Such a good feeling to help the kids and contribute to such a big pile!! YAY!!
  4. jandellen

    Mr. Funky's Bunny

    Here's my latest creation from Mr. Funky's book. I think I've just about made every amigurumi out of that book so far! I love it. My 9 year old neice requested her for her birthday and picked the colors. I think she came out sweet...and her big head gives her character! (Clicky)
  5. jandellen

    More tea?

    Very cute! Came out great!
  6. jandellen

    Bride & Groom

    Extremely cute! I so want that book!!
  7. jandellen


    Hello and welcome!
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