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  1. *gasp* I love those! I may need to track down this book.
  2. I love this pattern and am dying to make one for myself, but I have a question: can anyone tell me the circumference of the finished hat? I apparently have a very large head, and lots of hat patterns don't fit me as written. I would just like to know how much to modify so it will fit my enormous noggin . Alison
  3. Cool! I think it would be neat to do the insides in different colors and the outside in green - like a garden around your neck .
  4. I really like that sweater. Nice job . Alison
  5. Aww! Your Ella looks a lot like my Willow, but I think Willow would do bloody violence if I tried to put a sweater on her . Alison
  6. Oh my gosh, your baby is such a doll! I'm sure he loves his soft boucle hat.
  7. You are a rock star for weaving in all those ends - that's my least favorite part of any project. THat sweater looks great. Alison
  8. redheadedali


    That is super cute. Alison
  9. That's awesome! I generally find freeform too busy for my tastes, but that mostly-monochrome color scheme really works. Alison
  10. I like that a lot - very fashionable. Alison
  11. Love the hat and the baby . Alison
  12. redheadedali


    I made some stuffies for a swap on another board, and now that my partners have received them, I thought I'd post some pictures. I designed the owl myself, pretty much just making him up as I went, and I made the frog using Roxycraft's amigurumi animal pattern: And here's one where you can see Owly's tail feathers: I love stuffies. They can be time intensive, but once they're finished, they're so freakin' cute. Alison P.S. Also, this is the first time I've been able to successfully add pictures to a post. Yay, me!
  13. SO CUTE! What kind of yarn did you use for the trim? Alison
  14. That is SO CUTE! The picture made me make a ridiculous cooing sound when I saw it . Alison
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