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  1. Just lovely! She needs to join the group and keep up the good work!
  2. Elvee

    Corgi Cowl

    LOL that is just so cute!
  3. Very nice, warm and cozy!
  4. That afghan is just charming!!
  5. She is so cute!!! Great job on the baby things!
  6. Hi! I am from Ohio, too!
  7. Very pretty and the colors remind me of spring...
  8. These are both really pretty!!
  9. Your pig looks nothing like that one. I just do not see it at all. Maybe you could have the basic pig and then they could crochet accessories to dress it up. I think the entire copyright infringement thing is really stupid! The ears and nose are a different shape. The whole thing is dumb. How can you copyright a basic pig?!!
  10. It would sure cheer me up! I am positive she will love it!!
  11. Awesome!! The colors are fabulous!
  12. I always have lots of projects going at the same time. Sometimes I have to stop and force myself to finish some before I will allow myself to go on to the next. Maybe you should try like the 63 square sampler afghan where every square is different? Or say you have a favorite TV show (NCIS?!!) and work on that afghan during that hour. Just try some little tricks to get you through. You will find when you complete you project the satisfaction of a job well done will trump the boredom! Hope I helped a tiny bit and good luck!
  13. I have had that book for 10 years--now I am inspired to start this after the say 20 other things I have going on! Great work!!!
  14. Elvee

    Realta Afghan

    Zuppy has great taste! I really enjoyed testing this pattern for you!
  15. Elvee

    Navajo Afghan

    Great colors and an awesome afghan!
  16. You are on your way and doing really well. I know a lot of people who have crocheted for years and can't read a pattern. Great job! A tip--did you check the stitch gage? If you crochet tight you can go up in the size of your hook--
  17. Elvee

    Ripple Afghan

    Very nice! Won't you be my neighbor?
  18. They are all really pretty. You are a Goddess indeed!
  19. That is a very sweet classic afghan! Good job!
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