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  1. Our grand son Cole is graduating, Too! This is the Flannelghan and it is really deep red and black. He loved it! [ATTACH]40166[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]40167[/ATTACH]
  2. This is for my friend Jo's daughter It turned out really gorgeous, but OH! those ends!
  3. Hannah is graduating! :yay:yay
  4. [ATTACH]40161[/ATTACH] Hannah's photo got on here by mistake! Close up of Larissa's afghan.
  5. I made this for my "Work daughter" Larissa who has since had her lovely baby Adora Willow and quit to be a mommy. This is a pattern from an old leaflet. second afghan is Hannah's OOps! I did see this on Ravelry made in black with purple roses. It turned out Gorgeous! :cheer
  6. Add me to your list! Even if I don't win, thanks so much for the pattern link! It is gorgeous!! :cheer
  7. Just lovely! I have been checking out all your Zoey posts and that will be one lucky little well dressed baby!
  8. Lovely! Oh, and I like your afghan, too!
  9. I was just contemplating that pattern last night. Thanks for sharing It is a definite work in mind for me.
  10. That is just awe inspiring. Thanks for sharing! I will be buying that leaflet!
  11. That is just awe inspiring. Thanks for sharing! I will be buying that leaflet!
  12. It is very pretty. Looks all warm and snuggly!
  13. That is just too precious for words!
  14. Elvee

    SBT 4 and 5

    Very cool! I really like the turtle!
  15. Elvee

    more from muise

    Wow! These are all gorgeous! I also love you color choice in the stained glass pattern. Thanks for sharing! Great work!
  16. Elvee

    Navajo Afghan

    That afghan is awesome!
  17. Elvee

    Trenes' Afghan

    Awesome! I love the texture!
  18. Elvee

    Wedding Afghan

    How charming! This is an awesome gift!
  19. Very nice! It is great you finished a UFO!
  20. Elvee

    pansi afghan

    It is in A Year Of Afghans book 1 also--
  21. Elvee


    Very nice! Good job!
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