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  1. He sure appreciates his Grandmama making his blankie!
  2. Yeah, I thought it was crazy to ask that much, also. I got that much yarn at a garage sale 5 years ago for $80--She wants full price out of it.
  3. Arden is wearing her dress to Chickfila (? SP) tonight for a daddy-daughter dinner. Daddy brought her home roses. Is he a sweetheart or what?!!!! My daughter got a gem in him! She said her dress is so beautiful she will only wear it to weddings or special occasions. I think Daddy-daughter dinner must be very special!
  4. I made this in like 4 days as a surprise for my Grand daughter, Arden. She thought I was working on a backpack! This is a pattern from our wonderful Lisa at Crochetgarden. I made it plain. The stitching and the color were so pretty i didn't think it needed anything more to fancy it up. She was thrilled!
  5. You've been really busy! They are all fab!
  6. I really like your colors! Good job!!
  7. Elvee

    Arden's Heart Afghan

    Becky--you can make this any size. This is a bit smaller than a twin size because we went camping and it was a camp blankie--
  8. The pattern is Terry Kimbrough's Heartwarming Wrap. You can see the little hearts in the pattern!
  9. I am not so brilliant as to have thunk this one up! I got it out of here: http://cgi.ebay.com/Naptime-Playtime-Blankets-and-Toys-/140587109876?pt=US_Crocheting_Knitting_Patterns&hash=item20bba50df4 Now I have to make Arden one in pink Camo--she got a heart blanket--but it wasn't the same! Thanks for all the compliments! These were really easy to do!
  10. Elvee

    Arden's Heart Afghan

    http://www.crochetmagazine.com/newsletters-proofing.php?mode=article&article_id=640 There you go! It was really easy to do!!
  11. I made these for the boys for our camping trip. They loved them. That is my grand daughter, Kimi's boy friend Garret modeling the backpack. He's a good sport!
  12. This is for my grand daughter, Arden. Lots of scraps here!
  13. This was for my sweet little friend, Larissa, for her beautiful baby Adora Willow.
  14. Right now I am working on two wedding afghans--one for September, one for November. 2 camping back pack afghans for my grandsons. Have to sew the straps on those, and finish working ends in on Arden's camping blankie. I get tired of doing the same colors all the time and switch back and forth. It all gets done in the end*~* This explains why I always post multiple projects at once......
  15. Knox-- Here you go! http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=42711&highlight=flannelghan Enjoy!!!
  16. I am always amazed by your ability! Great afghans!
  17. Pattern is from "A year of Afghans 1996" It is called Orchid Whimsy. I changed the colors. () I also changed up the edging because Lindsey did not want fringe. Thanks for all the compliments!
  18. Elvee


    Very pretty! I have made that one, too!
  19. [attach]40201[/attach] [attach]40202[/attach] Finally! I bought a little device to transfer my photo card to the computer and it didn't work really well. Uploaded maybe 25 pictures out of 300--- Sorry about that!!!!!
  20. Larissa's afghan is the "pineapples and Roses" it is an older leaflet. Hannah's is the "Bobbles and Lace " sampler afghan from "A Year of Afghans book one" Thanks for all the compliments. Both were very easy to do--the pineapples are count, count. count, though! One little chain 3 loop off and you are frogging. I know- I would work on this after I got home at night. I frogged a whole lot!
  21. That is the Bobbles and Lace afghan from ""A year of Afghans book one" Hannah wanted purple. I took the other colors from the varigated yarn and it just kind of went together. Do you all remeber when I was freaking out because that woman at work came up to me and said, "I want to order 3 of those" when I gave my sister some little ponchos I made for her grandbaby Riley? Well, this is all the work I had to get out. She never did get those by the way. Thanks for all the compliments! You all Rock!
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