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    Brittany hooks

    I have almost a complete set of brittany hooks, the black walnut ones. I don't like them and want the TOTC hooks. Any one want to trade? Lorry:hook
  2. I have 3 right now. The 63 squares afghan, a white baby afghan for Arden. The one with raised hearts in the stitch and big ruffle around the outside with ribbon. Girlie-girl it is! The last is a wedding gift for my niece, Brenna. It is a quilt pattern afghan with lots of 2 color blocks and all blocks are 2 rounds of a granny square. I am thinking I have lost my mind on that one! 500 or so squares to sew, and ends, ends, ends!!!! She is in the Army and stationed in Korea for a year, so I have plenty of time to finish it. It is a real lobor of love. I get bored working with one color and go back and forth. just finished 2 baby boy afghans last week. Sssigh, I wish i had more time to hook! Lorry
  3. I live in the country outside Coshocton, Ohio. There are alot of hookers in Ohio. I am teaching 4 people the afghan stitch on my luch break at work. These are hookers in training? They get confused on the sttch and i tell them my 8 year old Grand daughter can do it. never give up! Lovely company that lets us hook on our break, isn't it? Lorry
  4. Welcome! I am new here myself and spend hours reading all the archieves. Hubby is laid off and he is amazed I can spend all that time looking at patterns. My WIM list is very long! I have a new grand daughter, too, and love the baby things! So many baby things, so little time! my little Arden has 7 afghans now. She lives about a 2 1/2 hour drive from us so we don't see her often. I live in Ohio and my heart is in Pittsburgh, PA! Hope you enjoy the board as much as I do! Lorry
  5. Welcome from Coshocton, Ohio. you can never, ever recover from hooking. once you pick up a hook again you'll find your disease has progressed! But, it is a good thing! Lorry
  6. Your colors are very pretty and Spring like. Your idea of having an afghan for each holiday is really a cool one! Lorry
  7. Too cute! You did a wonderful job! Lorry
  8. This dress is so sweet! I am going to have to make it for my grand daughter! Great job! Lorry
  9. Probably a cup of coffee or tea, the phone, remote and a tissuse box that I crocheted a cover for that has pad, pen, sissors, yarn needles, hooks, stitch markers and ruler in. It was from a "Crochet with Red Heart" magazine. I miss that magazine so much! Also, I have two Toy Manchester Terriers, Chole and Kingfish and they are always next to me...unless I am working on an afghan, then they are usually cuddled up under it! Lorry
  10. I am so amazed by your creativity! Your daughter is gonna be one hip chick when she hits kindergarden! lol Lorry
  11. Baby Arden has a total of 6 afghans now, and she's not even 3 months old yet! lol I made her a wonderful layette from a Leisure Arts leaflet. The kids have a web page with her photos. She can be seen at http://www.notorious9.net/arden. Smiling Keily and Hellokeily are the crochet photos. Arden is my 4th natural grandchild, we also have Hannah, 12, Nicholas, 10, and kimberly who is 8. Her new wore off awhile ago! I am so excited to have found this forum!
  12. Coshocton is about 70 miles west of Columbus. Way down state from Toledo! Lorry
  13. I have not only crocheted for more years than i care to count, I was also a weaver At longaberger. i think if you are predisposed to problems in this area you'll get them, if not, you won't.
  14. My name is Lorry, I am 52, I have a new baby grand daughter born 5/18 whose name is Arden. I have been making alot of baby things for her! I have manchester Terriers and adore the breed. ( Very sweet dogs) I enjoy crocheting with yarn, I am not good with thread! Hoping to make aot of new friends here!
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