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  1. I don't want to visit Dorothy--I want to move in!
  2. I have that book but didn't think of that pattern because the colors are so different. Good job!
  3. Really cute idea! I am sure it will be well loved.
  4. Elvee

    Indian Afghan

    What a cute couple you are! And you honey is a winner being involved in your hobby! Really nice afghan that I am not showing to my man. lol
  5. If you still have the afghan you could just follow the stitches for the pattern. It looks like clusters in the middle--just get your hook and go!
  6. Turn on a good old Christmas movie and work as you watch--It always seems like it takes more time than it does!
  7. Elvee

    My Sister's Gift

    I wish I had a sister like you!! :cheer
  8. I just made the carrot scarf and am working on the ice cream cone scarf. My Grand daughter Arden wants one of everything in the boo--she's 6! lol Your scarf is really well done! Toasty!
  9. I thought you might all get a laugh out of this. Joyce asked me how I got the beautiful rope effect on the edge of that afghan. She said she told Les I had to have taken hours to do that. I said, "Well, I am brilliant." Then I broke it to her it is reverse single crochet. lol As a non-crocheter she is easy to impress!
  10. I did change the pattern up by crocheting a row of brown doubles on each square. I thought the pattern was too busy with the varigated and wanted to break it up. The pattern just had varigated against varigated. I had to be a rebel. That Aspen color varigated is so pretty. It is all autumn colors with a bit if blue in it. Joyce's birthday is in September and she just loved it! I guess I owe her a wooden birdhouse....
  11. I love it!!! Just gorgeous!!
  12. I made this for a young lady I work with--I used to work with her Grandpa! I really enjoyed making this one *~*
  13. My Mother-in-law is a very crafty down to earth person who enjoys her gourd birdhouses and anything nature. She said she would like a new birdhouse for her birthday and this is what she got--
  14. That is so sweet! Congrats on your little bundle of love coming your way!
  15. I am always in awe of your wonderful afghans! Great work!
  16. Awesome. It is a true work of art! You are so creative! :cheer
  17. Chichi--I always say my work is "Handmade" not "Homemade"! You have set a reasonable price for your goods and if they don't want to pay it, too bad! You go, girl!~ You don't need any explanation. Your work justifies the price.
  18. I really like your choice of colors. This is really pretty.
  19. I started that one and got caught up in wedding afghans. I should pull it back out. Your is beautiful!
  20. I wish I had a lovely friend like you! It is gorgeous and you were so sweet and thoughtful!
  21. I want in on the fun also! Can't ever have enough colors in my stash!
  22. Very pretty kitties, oh, and the afghan is awesome also!
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