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  1. That is so sweet! It looks really old fashioned! Awesome! :cheer
  2. Hello! Lots of people to talk crochet with here!
  3. Baby Afghans book # 4 August is the Animal Cracker afghan. It went pretty fast but it is all single crochet and front post doubles, so the last of the afghan took forever to do a row!
  4. I used the spread sheet and marked off each row as I did it. The afghan itself wasn't hard, but if you messed up a stitch or two it threw the whole thing off!
  5. I bet he will love it--looks nice and snuggly!
  6. A wonderful lady on Ravelry sent me a spread sheet she had made up for this--The pattern was horribly long and confusing for me. There wasn't a chart--I wish there would have been!
  7. Nichole -- a lady on Ravelry sent me her spread sheet on this afghan. It gets real involved on every round. Goodness! The spread sheet saved me--I couldn't have made it with out it! It needed a chart of symbol crochet to go along with it!!
  8. Abigail--I went and bought more colors of yarn for this afghan. I tend to use the same colors over and over and needed some variation. I have tons of roses, purples, greens, blues, browns....I think I broke the scrap afghan rules!
  9. Afghan is progress this is Ruby's Hexagon and I am trying to use up some of my stash yarn. It multiplies when I sleep--
  10. I finally remembered to buy a memory card for my camera since my card migrated down in to the woods in Jim's field camera. (Love--true love!), So this is Ashley's Animal Cracker afghan :cheer
  11. I made this for my little friend at work. Years ago I worked with her Grandpa! This reminds me of the old Meanie song, "Oh eat your animal crackers''
  12. I am working on this now-- http://novamade.typepad.com/novamade/2010/01/the-coolest-thing-ive-ever-made.html It may be the coolest thing I ever made! :cheer:cheer
  13. "So many trips to the frog pond"! lol--I am about to go there myself. I finished the white animal cracker afghan Photo later--Jim has my memory card down in the field in his trail camera! (Didn't I tell you to get another one?" he asks innocently when I was surprised I had none in my camera....) Anyway afghan went smoothly. A lovely lady from Ravelry shared her spread sheet of row by row stitches with me. Second afghan--not!!! It is messing up left and right. I count, recount, rows and stitches and still mess up. This afghan does not want to be made!!! I started this afghan last Spring for our nephew Brian and his wife Erin. That baby was miscarried. They tried again, that baby was miscarried. Now she is pregnant and in her 16th week--Baby is holding strong and looks to be a viable pregnancy. Her afghan doesn't want to be made though. I figure I will start over with a different color yarn and intent for this coming baby. I am done smacking my forehead over this one!!!
  14. I am down to the border on the white animal cracker afghan. 4 more rows to go! It is getting really big!!!
  15. I am up tp row 46 on this afghan now--the animals are starting to take shape. Tedious working in one color--and white to boot!
  16. HI. I need some cheerleaders telling me "YOU CAN DO IT" I am working on 2 (!) afghans from A Year of Baby Afghans Book 4--the one that looks like a parade of animal crackers...It is the August one. All this counting and single crochet!!!! I can do it, I can! So, I have come on over to play, too!
  17. Gorgeous is the only word that comes to mind! You are so talented!
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