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  1. Carol and Peggy I did get your packages and everything is so beautiful. These kids are gonna love their afghans. I am aiming towards fall to finish them. Lots to crochet here--weddings and babies and graduations! I am an afghan gift giver and now it is expected!


    Crazy week here. my dog accidentally got shot. Lots of angst and tribulation there-she's fine now, but I am not! I have colitis and an experience like that and I am sick for days afterwards! I will write a post about it so you can have all the details. It was horrid, all is well now! All but my gut--lol

  2. Tina I got your squares today! So cute! I have been in such a funk. I haven't even started their squares yet. I am working on a wedding afghan (wedding was last week!) and have a graduation afghan to finish. I haven't been much good doing anything lately!


    The Mickey mouse squares are so cute! They did get to go to Disney world with their mom when her cancer was in remission. That is so awesome their squares have the "Mouse" on them, too!


    I talked to Chris yesterday and they had to have Julie's cat put to sleep. She had had her since she was a teenager and the cat had been in failing health. I say she went to be with her Momma.


    Life goes on! Thanks every one!

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