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  1. I have the foot and am to start the gusset, but being my first read pattern (I seem to do fine with simpler projects) I am just not understanding the instructions for the gusset!!! I just don't understand. Is there anyone who can clarify? Tips? Pretty soon I will just make a hole for the heel and fill it in after with increases and decreased rows because I am just not getting where the markers go (even with author clarification) and how this works. http://www.crochetme.com/ultimate-crocheted-socks
  2. I just kind of pastiched these together from patterns people posted and a great suggestion about the thumb piece. They look a little like the Grail in shape so I called them that. I put some decreasing and increasing in to try and get rid of the "cast" look. For only my second project ever, I think they turned out well. I really didn't know exactly how they would felt up, so I did make the tops a wee bit too big I think, but I was careful felting and did go back and felt just the tops a bit more in the sink. Next time I would make the bottom a wee bigger and the top a wee smaller. I hook, "Denim" Paton's Classic Wool. What do you think?
  3. Oh I hope it made it in! I can't wait. Very exciting.
  4. OK, I kind of see. That would avoid "holes" too I think. I might try this with that first pattern and no edging (I like plain). Thanks everyone!
  5. I just can't find a crochet pattern! I see knit ones, but not crochet. The crochet ones all seem to just have a hole for the thumb. Plain stitch like single crochet. Nothing fancy that a newbie can do easily. Kind of like them to go past the wrist a bit, but I could just add on. Any ideas?
  6. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?p=1068550#post1068550
  7. OK, need help. This is good, but I am wondering if I should put it through one more cycle of hot wash. Would that stiffen it up a bit or just shrink it more? It's not a bad size, so I think it could still shrink down a little and be fine. Here is just the bottom: Here is prefelted and felted: My tester seems to enjoy it, even though it's a tad floppy. She is a medium sized cat so like I said, a bit more shrinkage wouldn't hurt: Apparently it is comfy: This is really for my brother's cats, but I will make her one of her own. So, should I put it through again? will it help those sides?
  8. How big is this bowl? So you make one BIG granny square with sides? I love it but am a newbie so a bit confused.
  9. I made one of those kitty beds. My first project ever and I just took it out of the washer. It felted great!! (used Paton's Merino wool) I only washed it once as I like the size and I think it has enough firmness to stand on its own once it dries. There is a teeny bit of stitch definition. Any shipping tips? I am sending it to my brother. Should I try to get a box to fit it in standing or can I fold it up a bit and he can just shape it when it gets to him? I will be posting pictures on Chrome Kitties thread when it is dry. Wow. Felting is really fun.
  10. The ones that some people knitted me one said just wash in COLD and reshape while drying. I'm making one of these now and am almost finished. We'll see how it turns out. It is my first project.
  11. It's the dye in the food that makes it stain. If you feed a food without dye, you won't have a problem cleaning up yack. Meow mix is maybe the worst. Fancy feast dry is fairly bad (but the only thing my one cat will eat. I need to go to hte specialty store and see if I can find a different natural food). My diabetic/asthmatic cat doesn't eat dry and doesn't throw up hardly ever. SHe seems to like to watch my hands as I crochet. The other one does try to capture the yarn as it moves as I crochet. THey don't bother it when it is just lying around. Don't let them eat yarn! Could cause a major life threatening problem. Pearl and Sugar Demonstrating alternate bed usage (these kitti pi's were knitted by internet friends)
  12. thanks. I think I'll make sure it's at least that big, regardless of amount of stitches.
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