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  1. So bright and cheerful! I'm sure she'll love it and think of you every time she sees it!
  2. lizdini

    scrap RR

    Nice! The colors look great together!
  3. That is the most geek-tastic and awesome thing I've ever seen! Thanks for sharing!
  4. I don't know. Perhaps it's used in the edging? or the designer didn't like the way it looked with the last stitch used?
  5. yes, you're working in the round here (or "oval" really) just crochet around the chain, using the empty loops from the chains already crocheted into.
  6. My friend and I have started a little group called Love from Above:c9 to donate blankets hats and other handmade baby items to our local hospital (Mercy Medical Center in Merced, Ca). So far I've made about 9 blankies and she's done 21 beanies! I know, 21 is a crazy amount of hats to make:eek ! The hospital staff seemed so excited to be receiving these. So if anyone would like to donate blankets, hats, booties, supplies or anything else baby please send me a pm and I'll give you my mailing info. This is an ongoing effort, so no pressure (although we are hoping for another delivery before Christmas) Thanks for your support!
  7. So pretty! And your puppy is adorable!
  8. I'll make and send an afghan! Should have time to get one done by the cut off. I'll pm you for the mailing address once I get closer to done.
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