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    I live in Northern California w/ my hubby & two old cranky cats.
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    crochet, knitting, cross-stitch, avid reader of everything, mostly sci-fi & fantasy.
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    I start a lot of blankets. :)
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    since 1999
  1. My Grandma tried to teach me how to crochet as a munchkin, but I never figured out how to work into the chain. Then my mother-in-law showed me the basics after I got married and with the help of some books and online forums I feel pretty good about my skills. So I was wondering, who taught you to crochet?
  2. My Grandma gave up w/ me! She couldn't understand that lefties are different (same thing w/ my mom). Eventually my friends mom taught me, cause she didn't care how I held the yarn or if I did it backwards. Which is probably not really a good thing, since now I have issues with certain patterns. Ah, well.
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