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    slippers so far and baby blankets
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    since I was 10
  1. I'm 38 and started crocheting in grade 5 so about 9 or 10 yrs old. My odd is 14 and I taught her at age 10, my mdd is 12 and was also taught at 10 but its a bit harder for her, my ydd is 8 and I taught her last year to do a single crochet, lets just say we had alot of rope from single crochet. But my odd and mdd are awesome at the knifty knitter, I unfortunatly cannot get the hang of it, go figure.
  2. I love patterns, I have them stashed everywhere. Pintrest is not helping me either lol!
  3. there still is a bit of stereo typing. I enter a fair every year, and every year its older ladies who run it, all they know is granny squares. So last year we (my dd--she's 14 and advanced crocheter) found the lady in charge. We started telling her about some of the awesome categories that they should have. She had no idea about any of them. She even asked if younger people would enjoy doing them. We told her "of course" because its the new thing. we are finding that some of the younger kids are now crocheting and knitting at dance classes as they wait for their classes. Its nice to see.
  4. so I just made one, I did 21 chains and 21 rows. Perfect size. My dd needed a wash clothe and took it upstairs. I will make some more. I love the color of the yarn. Its sugar and creme I think but it looks like orange sherber (orange and white mixed together) I have a red and white one too which I call strawberries and creme.
  5. I have a large rubbermaid tote and a 4 drawer thing and a small rubbermaid thing. My stash moves on its own, acually its my cat who keeps taking it and bringing it down. Right now my stash is in a bathroom we don't use (except for the toilet) because the bathroom is so old (its our master bathroom) but one day I'm going to remodel the bathroom and my stash is going to have to find a new home, which dh will not be impressed.
  6. maybe i'm the odd one but I prefer smaller dishclothes. I just find that if they are too big I just can't grasp them well enough.
  7. I love the colors. I acually did one similiar to that but not that big.
  8. they are so pretty I wouldn't want to use them lol!
  9. love your site and your stuff is so nice, def. bookmarked
  10. thank you, I'm going to make one today, me and my dd's all wear ponytails so this is going to be great
  11. my kids would love it, I think I should make one, they would laugh all day.
  12. my dd got the my generation doll for christmas (g-ma wanted to celebrated early, but thats a whole post in itself) so anyways, my dd loves her doll alot. SIL bought it at target for 20 dollars, omg, its so worth it. but I want to make clothes for the doll, are there anymore sites, I really don't feel like sewing but I will if the pattern isn't hard enough, but crocheting is something more fun and my odd can crochet so it can be her project too.
  13. I love it, the color choices are so awesome. I have that pattern too, I need to get it done for my odd who loves sock monkeys.
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