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    Rose Saulsbury
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    married 25 years, 2 boys (Dusty,25 & Cory,22), 2 dogs, Wrigley & Pebbles
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    Pittsboro, NC
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    crochet, beading, baseball, family
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    Dental Assistant 2
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    baby clothes
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  1. I loved looking at the pics. You are very creative. I have never been able to create a pattern, but have been very good at following other people's patterns.
  2. Very pretty! But how do you get to the free patterns?
  3. Very Cute! TFS:hug More to leave anonymously around the bookstore! :lurk
  4. I really like these! I love to make bookmarks, although I have found out not many of my friends read like I do. I make them and then leave them sitting in bookstores with a little note attached that reads, "Made with love by Rose for anybody who finds this. Hope you enjoy!" I try to make different ones and leave them in different sections to coordinate with the bookmark. Weird, huh?! lol
  5. TFS! I'm always looking for good patterns.
  6. I like this one too!!! I have always hated wearing headbands cause they just don't stay on my head. Think I will give it one last try.
  7. I really like this. Halloween and Christmas are my 2 favorite holidays. I think I will make a really big one for my porch! I wonder if they make glow in the dark yarn or thread? Anybody know?
  8. That is really cute! Wish I knew somebody with a little girl to make this for.
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