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  1. do you know what is really funny about this it is actually the 2006 calender i was talking about i never got the 2005 one but you know what its like at the begining of year trying to remember its 2006 and not 2005
  2. well this has been fun i have enjoyed reading your replies some constructive some not but we all have our opinion and no i will not buy 2007 calender
  3. i actually decided to have a look at the calender again and im of the same opioion anyway i thought i would see just how many patterns were in the "pattern a day" calender there are 37 patterns over 2 days , 7 over 3 days ,2 over 4 days and i only counted to beg july there are actually 5 tissuse box covers all indentical a different colour flower on top and and the same glove pattern in january as in december now im sorry but in this country she would be reported to the trades description you cannot call it pattern a day if it isnt and it sure way isnt , and repeating patterns throught out the calender is down right dishonest in my opinion
  4. yes im back and i have read all the posts and realised someone said no one got paid for the designs i am just gob smacked at that someone is sitting in a big house with a big car
  5. i probably will get chucked off for this but hey dont worry i know the truth
  6. im sorry but im sure youre just ecstatic getting your stuff publish i would be aswell but some of the stuff i would be embarressed to say was mine but think about it of course she is going to publish anything she is going to make a mint at it aint she at $20 a time
  7. i heard so much about this last year before i went to usa on holiday and was determind to buy one really looking forward to all those patterns boy when i bought one i was delighted till i opened it what a disappointment im sorry im sure all those people that got $50 for their scarfs and things im sure must have been delighted but what a waste of money their was tissues box covers exactly the same i think at least 4 of them yes different colours of flowers on top lacy gloves i think the picture was there at least twice dont you get it this person is making a fortune out of you and who actually uses the patterns i mean how many scarfs can you make and as for those things that hold we cal them dummies to babies clothes get real i will porbably get thrown off for this but someone has to tell it like it is its rubbish with a capital R
  8. there was me thinking i wonder what colour of sweater she will wear with that !!!!!!!!!!!
  9. you would need to know a bit but it is basic stitches
  10. settler

    uk yarn usa yarn

    do you know what 4 ply uk is thanks
  11. settler

    uk yarn usa yarn

    anyone know what double knitting yarn uk the equivelant in usa thanks
  12. new to designing but hope to do a lot more in future i live in uk i have redone pattern in american terms and will try found out what yarn is the same as here if you can give a time scale as to how long it might take you that would be good:clap
  13. thanks i think i will give it a try what about yarn hooks etc do tester provide there own i feel guilty about that or is that normal
  14. this is really hard i dont want to offend anyone i have writen a few patterns and well you cant test them yourself because you know what the pattern is my friend is testing a pattern for me and well it is taking her months to get round to doing it and i dont like to nag her i was hoping for weeks i want to sell the patterns i dont mind the testers usuing the pattern for them selves as they are doing me a great service i just wouldnt like my work sold by anyone else confidentuallity is maybe the word i am looking for i am so nervous about this as i takes a lot of work i need my mind putting at rest
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