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    Full-time working mom of 3 kids
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    Guatemala, C.A.
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    Crochet, sew, watch good movies
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  1. I'd like to have at least the third part of your yarns!!!
  2. Hi All: I want to share a blog with you: http://falandodecrochet.blogspot.com/. I know, is in portuguese, but this lady gives instructions very simple to follow and she has tons of beautiful projects. Enjoy! Irene
  3. OK, thanks for let me know. I'll check again!!
  4. Do any of you know what happened with CPC? I can't see the new patterns for this week. Irene
  5. Beautiful!! I like the colors combination and the design
  6. Finally I found someone from Guatemala!! :cheer:cheer I live here, too. Welcome to Crochetville.
  7. Hi all!! Have you seen this site before? Interesting!!! http://www.ladiesandgentlemenstudio.com/originals/megadoily/ Irene
  8. Nice and useful project. I really like it!!
  9. I do really love the colors and shape. You did a fantastic job.:clap Irene
  10. Hola Porcelana: Bienvenida a Crochetville. Saludos desde Guatemala. :clap En relacion a los patrones, estas en lo correcto. No hay mucho en Español y de hecho los pocos patrones que he encontrado en nuestro idioma se me dificulta a veces entenderlos porque los encuentro mas complicados que en Ingles. Yo tengo varios que he traducido para poderlos compartir, por si te interesa. Saludos, Irene
  11. I really, really like it. Good idea!!! Irene
  12. Irene


    Look at this wonderful purse: http://zzabelinha.blogspot.com/2008/10/receita-da-mala-verde-e-ideias-soltas.html
  13. Hi: have you seen this before? http://www.classiceliteyarns.com/pdf/SundanceNotYellowTank.pdf
  14. Hi Tazma . Welcome to Crochetville! Irene
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