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  1. wow!!!! great bag!!!! hmmm now what yarn???.....
  2. hi all!! sorry i havent been on as much... i work the 2nd shift, its been a little crazy!! great work and pics!! i'll have to get someone to take a few for me. well...see you all in a bit!!! tangled up stacey
  3. WEEK #4 JUST SO IF DIDNT POST RIGHT, I AM POSTING THIS WEEKS PATTERN AT THE BEGINNING AND THE END OF THE THREAD http://susaninstitches.blogspot.com/2007/11/free-crochet-pattern-southern-snowfake.html - 73k
  4. p.s. sammimag, your snowflakes look so delicate and lacey!!!
  5. week 3 pattern in case i didnt post right!!! http://the-crocheted-bookmark.blogspot.com/2006/12/snowflakes.html im so happy this is going well....ok see you girls n guys tomorro......
  6. wow thank you, naidia!! my 2 kids wanted webkinz for xmas, but we couldnt get the outfits, too. this is a great find, i can work on some today!!!
  7. i'll try it..... she does have soo many cool ideas man, i have a 2 tone green betty c. recipe box i hadnt looked at in a few years...
  8. love the dishcloth idea for favors!! ill keep that in mind :scrachini
  9. www.artoftangle.com try this there is a snowflake afghan here
  10. ebay item 160199098413 for 25.99 this woman has 3 ...buy it now
  11. tampa doll!! you come up with such awesome ideas!!!! i would love the pattern, btw..juliet should be pink, heeeey sheerrriii ( a poor imitation of french )(btw) where do you get the eyes??
  12. i love the bassinet purses for the little girls. and for teens, i made the jewelry pouches with sparkly yarn, and the boys scarfs in the fav team or school colors. and mom i made a dresser trinket box that had a doll on top, dad, a armchair caddy
  13. wow i love the sweater!! its ok with being late just tryin to get at least 1 done a week......and the button is wonderful!!
  14. as soon as i can figure out how to post , i will show mine. can anyone tell me how to show your wip notes at the bottom of your posts? i think its neat that everyone can see your work.
  15. that is ''' THE CATS MEOWWW" cute as can be!!!
  16. no it doesnt matter this is just a few minutes each week to work on a small project. i have like 3 going at once!!. just trying to get a little more organized!!
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