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    New to the South...and loving the warmer climate!
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    St Pauls, NC
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    Crochet, crosswords, pets and pet care and of course, my husband!
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    Current Occupation: Chiropractic Assistant
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    Because of my short attention span...baby sweaters are a good prject...but I will crochet anything..I learned about felting last year...that is pretty cool too!
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    Been crocheting ever since my Barbie needed clothes! lol
  1. has anyone tried felting with Paton SWS? The colors are so pretty...I'd love to hear from any Patons users
  2. Welcome..I too am in NC...near fayetteville!
  3. I have been crocheting since I was a kid....I am now 46... I carry my crochet bag everywhere I go...friends houses, to work (i crochet during my lunch break!), family gatherings..... My husband races motorcycles and I have my bag with me all over the racetrack.. Some of the younger people look at me like I am a nut...but thats cool! I am a bit off any way! lol Anyway...do not let someone else's opinion of your gift of the craft stop you!
  4. Hi ya'll! Happy New Year! (sorry the pic is so huge...its my first post with a pic! ) I got my hands on a really nice wool sweater that has really pretty panels in it. I have frogged most of the body of the sweater and plan to use the panels on felted handbags. I am nervous about having the panels unravel as I dismantle the sweater. any suggestions?
  5. Well, I have decided that this is the year I finally learn to knit. I have crocheted forever and am very happy with it except for the fact that my gram, mom and sister all knit well..and I feel like odd man out! lol:blush I AM the only lefty in the group as well. I tried a bit this past weekend and find that I knit better right handed...odd... Has anyone ever tried those programs that convert knit to crochet? I have seen so many beautiful felted patterns that are knit and I would love to do them in crochet. I also have a book on tunisian crochet...but have yet to really give it a whole hearted try. So many yards of yarn and so little time! ellen
  6. Hi! I hope all had a great Christmas! My husband's Grandmother bought some yarn with her Christmas money and asked me to make a sweater with it. She would like it to be a henley style in a ladies medium using worsted weight yarn. If anyone can help with a pattern I would greatly apreciate it. Thanks loads el
  7. Is that a childs or adult size? I would be overjoyed to find that it is a child size...my neice would love it! ellen
  8. Carolyn, Thanks for the links.... I already have the Drops patttern.... I feel a bit intimidated as the directions are in metric measurements...but thinking about tackling it! ellen
  9. Hi! I have a niece who may just have to go her first Christmas without a special sweater made by her Auntie! Auntie, of course, is positively frantic that she may not be able to keep her tradition going! UGH! Please! If anyone has any good patterns that will fit a size 10 to 14 girls size that I can find and purchase...I would be eternally grateful. An Auntie needs to keep up her reputation! Thanks Loads! Ellen
  10. Hello everyone... While I have a ton of memberships on animal care forums this is a first for me regarding crochet. I have beencrocheting since I was a child and Barbie needed new skirts and vests! lol The problem I seem to be having this holiday season is the lack of patterns for my neice who is 9 yrs old. Every Christmas since she was born I have made her a crocheted gift. I would like to have a sweater pattern using worsted weight cotton yarn. It seems that there are thousands of patterns for babies and toddlers...but none for the older children and Tweens. If anyone has anything to share I would be eternally grateful! I look forward to sharing and learning here! Happy Holidays! Ellen
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