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  1. I simply adore this hat. i hope this is the right place to post, but if not, i apologize. Can someone offer some assistance please? from another crochetville post i have gotten some of the stitches translated. but there's some i dont know. and i cant' find my paper now where i wrote them down. http://razpetelka.ru/vyazhem-detkam/vyazanye-shapochki-shlyapyshlemy/vyazanaya-shlyapka-s-ushkami.html/ if the link doesn't take you to the post, it's on page 21 i believe. it's a pink bowler type hat with cat ears. My life won't be complete until i make this. tia for any assistance or advice! xo Ash.
  2. Thank you all! i'm trying to figure it out too lol <3 xo
  3. Hello! So I am finding myself crocheting more and more as well as beading and other crafts. I remembered how supportive and helpful the group was. I'm finally in a place where I may be able to be more active. With my son grown and a great job I am at a good part of my life. I am happy and grateful. One of the main reasons i am looking for assistance with a super cute Russian hat pattern. Its adorable, with built in cat ears. I need help with the crochet terms.
  4. Great job! I love the ribbe edge part! :-)
  5. http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=50791 here's a post to some thing that i've done before. it starts out a granny square, then has ripples or whatever on the corners, it's pretty cool. :-)
  6. progress! :-) ok i've got the body finished and 1/2 a sleeve. :-) the sleeves are a bit tedious, back and forth back and forth. :-) i should take pictures. maybe tomorrow.
  7. yes! :-) I saw it this morning! woo hoo! it was between the table and the love seat! yay! hopefully i'll get to work on it tonight! make up for lost time.
  8. lol, still nothing showed up but then i haven't had the time to look. :-) pretty busy with back to school stuff, work and my family is still in taekwon do so we're there 5 days out of 7.
  9. I lost my crochet project! It's the weirdest thing. I was working on a crochet shrug, from this booklet, crochet shrugs. lol it's a little bolero looking one with a chain loop edging around the body and neck of the shrug and cuffs. anyways, i startd it last week. got a great start on it . got the back done, adn one side. was about to start the other side and the sleeves, but i've lost the whole package. yarn, hooks, and booklet. what the heck! lol
  10. Cool, thanks. :-) i don't have the yarn yet. i may get it friday or so. when i get paid. til then i may start a cardi wrap thing. the crochet lace wrap top from coats and clark i think. pretty pale blue one. i'll probably make mine black though, lol.
  11. good idea, thanks. :-) also i like your signature line, When in doubt...make a hat! so true! i do that all the time! :-)
  12. ok, i want to make the cut away cardi. i've seen the thread here, and there seemed to be some issues with the edging and some other stuff. does anyone have any tips, words of wisdom regarding the cut away cardi? i love the look of this one! :-)
  13. http://redheart.com/FreePatterns/tabid/118/Default.aspx?tabid=118&patternid=WR1844.pdf i think this was the one! :-) i love the brim and the little band part.
  14. ok, it's killing me! i didn't bookmark it at home. :-( so now i don't know what to do. i'm going through the list at cpc hat by hat, but can't find it.
  15. I saw a hat pattern once, that i want to do now. i remember seeing it on the newpattetrns page. now i can't remember what it was called. it was a cute hat with a small brim in front. i think it was brown. any ideas? please?????
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