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  1. Thanks for the info! Actually right now I'm not making turtles. I was teaching a K/C class at work and some of the students are making them. Will see if they are interested in having the photos posted. Thanks again!!
  2. A group of us are making your pattern and have a question - On the shell - row 11 you say "in BLO" should back loop only be used for the rest of the shell or just row 11?? We love your turtle and are making them for our desks - our University is the Terps! Thanks!
  3. I like them!! Now on my WIM list. Thanks so sharing, Deborah
  4. Just found your pattern and now know what I can make for small "winter gifts" - like to do that when it's cold and dreary outside. Since the University where I work has a turtle for our mascot these are perfect!!! Thank you for sharing, Deborah S-A
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