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  1. Oh my word, thats all it was! Just my tension. Dont know why I never even thought of that! Thanks everybody! Its working up beautifully now!
  2. Ok, so I decided to test out making a scarf using alternating FPdc and BPdc stitches. I chained 20 + 2. Did a base of 2 hdc rows. The next row, I alternated...FPdc, BPdc, FPdc, and so on ending with a dc in the last stitch. I chained 3 and then turned. The next row, I alternated BPdc, FPdc, BPdc, and so on, thus creating vertical ridges. However, the more lines I complete, the narrower the piece becomes. Ive done some googling, watched some videos, but I still cant figure out where Im losing stitches!! Anyone have any tips or tricks? I really like the way the texture is building up, so I really dont want to give up on it. :/
  3. Thanks! That helped a lot. I'm not trying to sell a pattern or anything like that. I just want to use these new stitches I learn to make things ad posibly sell them in the future. So, thanks again!
  4. I'm in the process of testing out various stitches to broaden my skills. I'm mostly just gonna test them making scarves or baby blankets. Now..if I end up liking these pieces and want to try selling them, would that break any copyright laws? The booklets I've been using are like this one.. http://www.leisurearts.com/all_skills/crochet/default.asp?display=detail&item_num=75071&sort=title&page=9&rec_num=85&from=BK&startRec=80
  5. Aw, I wanna join in on the fun! Is it too late to play? This would so give me good reason to finally decide on something to make! ETA: And by actually reading the posts above mine, I see that it's not too late! How great that I stumbled upon this thread on a Saturday too!
  6. Some of those stitches look awesome AND aren't in my booklets! Thanks!
  7. I wish my crocheting inspired my near family to try it out. My mom and sister watch me do it all the time and always say how they wish they knew how to do it, but they never take me up on offers for lessons!
  8. I'm quite a fan of brainless crocheting. Just picking a simple stitch and going at it. But that's become boring, so I rounded up my stitch booklets to try and learn some of them. But this idea of having to actually count all my stitches and do various stitches to make a pattern is just hard on my fragile little brain!
  9. Oh my gosh, tracyleigh! Those afghans are gorgeous! You have some serious talent!
  10. Thank you all for posting. I'm gonna keep all your ideas in mind from now on. And Barbara, sad as it may sound, I don't think we'll ever get pad what we deserve for our handmade goods! I've noticed time and time again that people just don't appreciate the time and hard work put into each piece. It's a shame, really.
  11. Ok, I just finished a blanket that I want to sell on ebay. I'm kinda lost as to what price to start it at. It's the size of a typical throw blanket, and it was done in all Caron Simply Soft yarn. Any advice?
  12. A male friend of mine wants me to make him a scarf, but I'm not sure which yarns translate into masculinity very well.
  13. The earth and sky color is SO pretty in person! I just used it in a scarf!
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