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    I was born in Queens and lived there until 1997, then moved to MI and now I live in Germany
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    Königstein im Taunus
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    Other than crocheting, I love to cook and bake, garden, bead, and scrapbook
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    SAHM of two gorgeous, brilliant girls
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    shawls and hats. I love accessories!
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    since 2007
  1. I would love to participate in a European Swap! Some sort of bag, scarf or yarn swap? I'm not sure I have many ideas-- but I'd love you hear from other C'villers in Europe
  2. Hooray! I am sooooo glad the package finally arrived! I was worried that the mail gnomes had packagenapped it or customs thought it was contraband or something! I'm glad you liked the scarf and all the goodies! Yes it's sock yarn, Strumfwolle, for your sock class. Thank you for being such a wonderful (and patient) swap partner! And brava to Janet for being the (swap) hostess with the mostest!
  3. I received my package yesterday (after customs decided to inspect the contents, grrrr) and I was absolutely bowled over by the awesomeness and generosity of my swap partner. Thank you sooooooo much Vanessa!!! She sent a sweet cowl and two gorgeous scarves. 3 bags of Reese's Peanut butter cups, a Lantern Moon hook case, and a YARN-A-PALOOZA. I love sock yarn and she sent me Shepherd Sock and Yarntini and bamboo sock yarn, Peaches and Sugar 'n Cream, Caron Country, Premier Everyday, and Caron Sheepish. I feel like I hit the jackpot! So thank you Vanessa-- you are like Awesomepie á la mode topped with supersauce and epicsprinkles! Lookie, lookie how pretty my new scarves and goodies are
  4. COLOR: For me the color is the "hook" to get me to pick up the skein. It's probably also my biggest criteria for choosing yarn. I have used yarn that has driven me crazy because the colors were sooooo awesome (yes, I'm looking at you, Noro!!!) FIBER TYPE: I have a personal preference for working with animal fibers, I like the way they block-- so that influences my choices. TEXTURE: I like to work with soft, smooth yarns (although, for some projects, I might use a fuzzy yarn, but if it's itchy, fuhgeddaboutit) YARN WEIGHT: I've been told sock yarn doesn't count as stash:yes, and those little skeins are easy to hide from DH:lol, so I tend to pick fingering weight. BARGAIN-NESS: I am a sucker for sales-- if a yarn is a good deal I will snap it up even if I don't really need it.
  5. :hugThanks everyone, for the kind words! It's actually only a 3 row repeat-- that's all. The shawl just looks intricate.
  6. It's been a few weeks since she received it, so I figure I can post it in show and tell-- This is the shawl I made for the wonderful and amazing :heartKidget:heart when we did the shawl swap last month. The pattern was Remember Me by LilyGo and I used Drops Alpaca in burgundy.
  7. I have not made that particular ruana, but it looks like it could do duty as a fall coat, it's so thick and big ( it's a whopping 58 oz. of yarn!). But I have a ruana that my mother made for me, and I just drape one side over my shoulder and leave the other hanging down.
  8. The ruana shape is great for a coat substitute, you can throw one end over your shoulder or wear it belted (here's a link to one pattern, and one other).
  9. I would love to join a European swap. I agree with Karen, there are always smaller swaps and KISS swaps which make international participation easier, but it would be fun and interesting to see how many C'villers there are on this side of the Atlantic. We could do some sort of yarn swap (oh, like maybe sock yarn-- sock yarn is addictive and, apparently, does not count as stash, because the skeins are small:devil) What about a market bag swap, because in many places you have to bring your own grocery bags to the store. I'd also be interested in a tea cozy swap. But that is so specific that it would have to be swap for everyone.
  10. Well, that cool _______ I ordered for my partner arrived today. I wanted to go shopping and get some ______ too, but my older daughter is sick with a crummy-tummy so I'll have to go Friday or Monday (I avoid the mall here on Saturday and it's closed Sundays). Now I need to get a move on with her scarf. It is taking a bit longer than I thought.
  11. I am a few days late in posting this, but things have been busier than usual. First I want to say home :bheartawesome it was to have Kidget as a swap partner. :hugShe really knows how to spoil a gal! When I came back from my trip this week, there was a super stuffed box waiting for me at the post office. With two wonderful shawls and a ton of other stuff! :tyThank you so much Kidge! I love the shawls (two, two gorgeous shawls, can you believe it?!?) and The New Granny Square is totally awesome and Cozy Wraps (and the Reese's, yarn, notepads, stationery, calendar, ribbons, lealets, and scissors-- wow-- oh, and the coloring books and markers which didn't make it into the picture-- the girls were thrilled) Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  12. Hey all. I'm back from my trip-- my younger daughter had a bad stomach flu the whole time-- it was awful I got some of my partner's scarf done, at least. Oh well
  13. Ah-ha! I knew it! By day mild-mannered Kuddlekubs seems like any ordinary citizen of the Windy City-- but, sit her in a chair and suddenly she becomes Super Crocheter wielding her powerful Magical Lightning Hook
  14. Oh I'm jealous. I had a weekend like that a few months ago and I'd really like another! I can't complain though, I'll be away from Thursday until Monday enjoying Paris with my family.
  15. Whaaa? Huh? Do you crochet faster than the speed of light?
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