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    i taught myself crochet at 11 or 12
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    949, California
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    crocheting, cross stitch, knitting, drawing, needlepoint, sculpting listening to music, video games!
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    toys! amigurumi, hats, doilies, blankets, purses, scares,
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    2001 or 2002

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  1. heehee! i have one of those! but her clothes is gone at least now she will have a hat thanks for sharing!
  2. south OC here! maybe we know each other my name is Andrea! nice to meet ya welcome to c ville!
  3. Oh so cute! i like the little lid flap Thanks for the link! I might make one of those too, but the one I'm looking for is almost an amigurumi, I should have specified that. I don't know if it was a pattern or just a picture, but I remember seeing someone on here made a toy owl or something that had a space to store the lip balm.
  4. i remember seeing it here, i think it was an owl? i've seen the dauchsund but this one was more rounded... anyone know what i'm talking about?
  5. WOW! this has inspired me! thanks so much for sharing!
  6. yeah! so much crochet in true blood. jason has a afghan in his house that i saw when he took amy home, and i do remember seeing the afghan when sookie brought bill home too
  7. awesome! yeah True Blood and Weeds are two shows i didn't expect to see crochet in and there ends up being a lot!
  8. I don't know if anyone else watches this show, but it's about Southern vampires and I've spotted a few crocheted items on there I was wondering if there were other fans of the show that saw them too so we could maybe have a crochet along or something in the future.
  9. Awesome! Glad it worked up easily for you What would you suggest for size changes? Using a smaller hook maybe? or doing a different amount of stitches?
  10. Ooo! you're welcome Was it easy to follow? Sorry if some parts were confusing. Can't wait to see!
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