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    i taught myself crochet at 11 or 12
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    crocheting, cross stitch, knitting, drawing, needlepoint, sculpting listening to music, video games!
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    toys! amigurumi, hats, doilies, blankets, purses, scares,
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  1. after trial and error, i found a bit of an easier way to make these. the single crochet seems to make it stiff and puppies need a lot of movement! i'm going to type up an alternative pattern for this soon
  2. You're welcome! glad it was of use to you! I'd love to see pics!!
  3. aww! is that him in your avatar? yeah, it's a pain trying to find clothes at the store, but it's fun making them something special too
  4. Lol I know that, but it just makes it easier to call them that. I keep telling people she's just a chihuahua, but they tag on the teacup to it since she's so small. I left it on the title to show it's for very small dogs
  5. At 2.9 lbs you might actually have to increase! my baby's 2.5 lbs and it'a bit big on her. So sad that he was abused this sweater has a big neck hole so it won't damage his neck
  6. no prob! tell me if you encounter any errors or are confused
  7. you're welcome! hopefully it is easy to follow. it's pretty much a tube with holes in front for the legs i'd like to see pics when it's done
  8. oh my chi is about 2.5 lbs, it might work up for you if you used a bigger hook. if you have the chain ring and it can go comfortably over the dog's head, then the rest of the sweater will most likely fit
  9. RULES FOR USING THIS PATTERN You may not sell this pattern! It is mine and I wrote it out to help people with small dogs because it is hard to find clothes for dogs this tiny. You may modify this pattern to fit your dog. You may link to it but not copy and paste the pattern on other sites. This is the second pattern I write out. I have corrected some errors, but there may still be some. Hopefully this will be useful to someone with a small dog! materials used g size hook worsted weight varigated yarn main sweater: ~chain 39 and join with sl st at the first chain.
  10. LOL one of my mom's friends gave me 2 garbage bags of yarn when i started croocheting. among all the skeins and random balls, i found 2 big things of old yarn in pea green and burnt oirange xD i'm guessing they were from before i was born, cause she told me, some of the yarn was from way back xD
  11. i would say advanced. i've never written out a pattern, but i have made them. I guess it's lazyness. i haven't tried many types, like tunisian crochet, or broomstick, but i am knowledgable about it.
  12. Yeah, there are some patterns where you can do back loop and front loop alternating and that can make a ribbing effect, but i don't know if it would be too loose. I tend to only use acrylic, so i'm not sure :s
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