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  1. I know I asked this once before (LONG time ago...) and had someone respond to help, but I totally forget who, or what we discussed. But, I am wanting to make a BIG pickle, open on one end, to use similarly like a stocking. I found a pattern for a pickle ornament, that would be great, if I could make it bigger. How do I go about enlarging the pattern? I think I have an idea, but the pattern is in the round, which is not my favorite. The pattern is a free pattern on Ravelry.
  2. Anyone have any patterns for clothes to specifically fit the Elf on the Shelf? looking for any fun outfits or accessories. I'm in the process of creating a skirt, but was looking for some, previously, and didn't find a thing (which is why I'm winging it). Thought to ask here.
  3. Yeah...that's what I was hoping to see experiences for. lol I mean, I realize there's too many verses to do something like that, and chapters too. But you did give me another idea of sorts. I can do each book of the bible in a different pattern. With the number of rows being how many verses there are (maybe?...maybe do different widths depending on how many verses, so really long ones will be narrower, or something?). And the colors can be whatever. And then piece them together (maybe in the free-type way...I forget what it's called), so that the "new testament" makes one chunk of blanket, and the "old testament" a 2nd chunk (whether that'll be half/half or not), and piece the 2 chunks together in the middle.
  4. MrsLewis907

    Afghan Idea

    I thought up an idea for an afghan, and am wondering if there's anything out there like it already (so I can use it for size/length/etc reference, really). I was thinking to combine crocheting with reading the bible...that, for example, for every verse you read, you crochet a row. Or for every chapter, a block. Something along those lines. Has anyone seen or heard of anything like this? I was thinking it may be neat to have a specific patterned row for each veryse of the Bible, and whenever you read that verse (wherever, whether in church, or bible study, or on your own, whatever), you can crochet that row into your blanket. But, I'm sure there's probably too many verses to do a row per verse. So maybe chapters. This is why I was wondering if anything similar has been done before...to see what others have done. Any advice?? Thanks PS - it's been a LONG time since I've been on here!!! I've had to finish up some projects recently...more specifically, Christmas stockings for recent additions to the family, who are both now 2! lol
  5. I am just about to finish this square, I'm on the 2nd to last row (though, probably going to do 2-3 rows, of the last row, as I need my square to be 12 inches, instead of 10)...and I'm almost surprised at how easy it was, for all the special stitches and all. This was probably the hardest pattern I've followed yet (but, it was still not real hard for me)! But it was a lot of fun. Thanks so much!!
  6. AH I getcha! That really doesn't sound so hard...I think I could totally do that! Thank you!!
  7. So...I can't figure out how to put the actual picture here, but here's the link to her shop and directly to the poncho with a picture: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=31705979
  8. It has 2 holes in it, one for yours and for the baby's, and I want one to cover when baby is being worn on either back or front. I wouldn't mind just buying a fleece one (I found one I really like), but I want one that's longer than most I see...most times I see ponchos are on smaller babies, and mine are toddlers.
  9. I saw ONE mention to a crochet babywearing poncho someone found on a thread on babywearer...but have not found a thing. I think it's something I'm going to have to make and design myself...but I'm dreading it. I have no idea how to go about it.
  10. Has anyone bought and used the bambook hooks sold on Amazon.com? http://www.amazon.com/Bamboo-Crochet-Hooks-sizes-F-N/dp/B000IFA2UA/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=office-products&qid=1266384309&sr=8-1 I just bought a set, but haven't had a chance to use them yet...if you've tried them, what do you think? I've never used anything but plastic or aluminum.
  11. Has anyone seen or have a pattern for a babywearing poncho?? A poncho that you can wear over you and your child while you are wearing them in a baby carrier. There's plenty you can buy, or make of fleece...but I figured I'd might as well crochet one. I'm still somewhat of a newbie, so I think it'd be a tad hard to design one, but I'll attempt it if I have to (I don't think it'll be THAT difficult...many things I make I make up myself with no patterns)...just thought I'd ask here first to see if anyone's seen anything like that, before. TIA!!
  12. Sorry it took so long...I just put up pictures with the pattern! Enjoy.
  13. I will get a picture up, try today, but tomorrow for sure, if not.
  14. I'm making a bunch of coffee cozies for friends for Christmas, and I just made this one up, and wrote out the pattern. I was hoping I could get some feedback on it...I'm in the process of writing a couple other patterns that are not finished yet, so this is my truly my first written pattern...and I want to make sure it all reads smoothly and whatnot. So if you decide to try it, could you please let me know how it went and how you like it? The pattern is on my craft blog, here. Thanks!
  15. I have a picture that I put into knitpro to make a graph. It's a pretty simple picture, I thought, but it being a photograph, I'm finding it hard to go from the given graph to start crocheting. I've never did a graphghan before, so please bear with me. The graph shows so many different colors (It's a pair of hands)...how do I go from that, to deciding what colors and exactly what stitches to use those colors? I'm not understanding how to use the graph the knitpro gives...if it gave a simpler graph (less colors?) I'd be okay...but it just looks majorly blurry, no matter what size I use.
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