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    Crocheting,Cross Stitching,Crafts
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    Dish Cloths,Hot Pads,Afghans,scarfs,Hats,Baby Booties and Hats,Pocketbooks
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    Since I was 12
  1. This is so pretty.You do awsomeeee designing patterns.This is so breath taken.Are you going to put it pdf also? Debra
  2. I love all the patterns you have done.Going to make the little girls happy with all these's clothes for there doll. Debra
  3. I love your pattern's they will make a little girl day,bright and cheery. Debra
  4. The Jammies are so cute and love the bunny slippers. Debra
  5. Sandra is that sun ghan easy or hard to do? It looks so nice. Like your model of the hat he a cutey. Debra from Cary North Carolina
  6. I'am from Cary North Carolina near raleigh. Debra
  7. I'am from Cary North Carolina. Debra
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