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    I have 2 children of my own 5 and 4 and my bf has a daughter who is 5
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    Mulberry, ks
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    Crocheting, reading, drawing, and my kids
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    Afghans and toys
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    About 10 yrs
  1. Thanks and I will let you know when I get started on the Elvis gahn. I have yet to start on it due to time but will get around to it sometime....
  2. I still don't know how to make a button yet...But here it is...Its also in my siggie... http://little0157.blogspot.com/
  3. I have finally gotten a picture to post of my Mator ghan. Hope everyone likes it!!!!
  4. Hello I am trying to find a website of Graph patterns that I was using last year and have since gotten a new computer and now I can't find the website because its no longer in my favorites since I don't have my old comp. I do know its along the lines of something like Breiken.tv or something. Its has cartoon characters on it from Dora to Kermit the Frog and it Even had Elvis on it. Thats Why I am trying to find it. I was in the middle of making an Elvis ghan and frogged it to change colors and I lost my pattern that I printed and thats the site I got it from. I would greatly appricate any help on this. Its a foreign site and I have tried for several days to find it....
  5. I have long since finished the Tow Mator gahn....I have yet to start the Elvis ghan but do plan on it real soon..... Everyone has been waiting for me to post a picture of the Mator gahn and I have e-mailed the lady I gave the ghan to and asked her to send me a picture, she is going to today or tomorrow and I will post a picture for everyone to see. I will hopefully get started on my Elvis gahn real soon.
  6. I would love to show a pic, but as my luck would have it my bfs daughter took the ghan back home before i got a pic of it. I asked her to take one and e-mail it to me though so I can post it and show everyone on here.
  7. I am finished with my ghan!!!! I got done this morning. I am giving it to my bf's grandson for his 1st birthday today. Whew! I am glad I finished!!!! I will post pics sometime soon...
  8. I cannot tell you what happened except that I must have been typing the wrong row or something because when I went back through the posts it said awhile back I was on row 190....I must have meant row 90 and so forth as all of the posts say 140-190....hmmm...anyways I am just now on row 164 so sorry lol.
  9. Sorry I have limited internet access. I usually get on once a week now, but I definately wanna stay on here if thats possible. I am starting row 164 out of 240 rows. Please add me back lol....
  10. No I just don't get on the computer everyday like I used too. I am working on the Tow Mater ghan. I plan on being on row 100 when I stop tonight. My ghan is 240 rows. I need to have it done by June 13th so can you figure out how many rows I need to do a day to have this done? Thanks!!!!!
  11. I am starting on row 89. I no longer see my name up.......I'm not behind am I?
  12. Sorry I haven't been on. comp problems. I am getting ready to start on row 70 today..
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