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  1. Mississauga Ontario, Toronto, Ontario before that, and Newfoundland before that!!! anyone close by, feel free to PM
  2. Hi, Just thought I would say a quick hello to everyone. I am a complete newbie all around. New to the the forum and new to crocheting... My name is Janine and I live in Ontario, Canada. A friend of mine just recently taught me how to crochet because she is a huge fan of it and since I was a knitter, spent months trying to convince me that crocheting was 10 times better than knitting. Well, I was hard to win over. I enjoyed my knitting. Well now I am all for crocheting! I think one of the biggest perks to crocheting as oppose to knitting is the fact that I no longer have to lug 2 big needles with me everywhere I go. Just one simple crochet hook! Anyhow...this has turned out to be much longer than intended! Hope to get to know you guys more and to advance my crochet knowledge greatly! (I am in the works of quitting smoking right now as well and am finding crocheting to be a big help and distraction! lol)... Cheers!
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