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  1. Wow, I've never seen or heard of this idea before. I have four cats so I'm vacuuming and swiffering daily. Between this and my new Roomba, I think I might get some time back in my life! Thank you so much for posting!
  2. I love these. Well done!
  3. I love the choice of color. Someone's kitchen is going to look great!
  4. That is a great tote. Great colors, too!
  5. I love both the shape and the yarn that you used! Great job!
  6. Wow! They are all fabulous!!!!
  7. What a sweetie pie! I'm sure all of the hard work and expense was worth it. Beautifully done!
  8. He is adorable and the sweater will look great on him!
  9. Beautiful dog! I loooove sock monkeys and this coat is so well done!
  10. :hookGreat job! I like the colors!
  11. Super cute!!!!! How clever!
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