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  1. so quick and easy to make. Love it!!!
  2. Thanks for all the help! Janet:cheer
  3. Pumpkin season will be here before ya know it! Thanks for the cute idea.
  4. Looking for a pattern for a 8 1/2 inch half bed doll. Got a pattern off the internet but it was flawed. Looking for a pattern that includes a small pillow that the half doll sits in. I'd sure appreciate any help!
  5. Hi from Iowa. such a great board, people from all over the world here.
  6. Hi from Iowa. Just love all the places people are from on the board.
  7. I too was on Crochetville some time ago and have decided to rejoin. Well, I'm trying - some days are better than others! Seems I always pick the projects that take me awhile and I concentrate on them rather than anything else. I crochet, have always wanted to take up knitting, maybe someday I will!
  8. Hi from Iowa. So glad you found this board. Look forward to reading your posts.
  9. Been gone a long time from Crochetville, but decided to drop in again. Seen some awful cute patterns on here.
  10. Oh Brenda the frog sounds so cute! Have copied the pattern and he is definitely on my to do list.
  11. Such a cute name, I've made one of those before! NE Iowa here, and it's not warm! Had a first sighting of snow today - YUCK. Glad you are in the group.
  12. Hi from Iowa, I love to crochet, so am looking forward to exploring this board.
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