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  1. I also love it. Also happy with Vanna’s Choice.
  2. I also have a lot of acrylic ww yarn and am in sort of a lull, so am making 5 in. X 48 in. double crochet scarves, mostly for men, a few for women, for our local Code Blue cold weather shelter. Very easy and instant gratification. According to our lys that is collecting the scarves, most people want to donate baby and small children's things, so the adults ( mostly men) are left going without.
  3. I've always used a 40% coupon, but had never seen it as high regularly as $9.99, which of course makes the coupon price higher than it was when the regular price was substantially less. And, with oil prices so low, raising it to this price is rediculous.
  4. Ooops - Just got a Sunday circular from AC Moore advertising Caron One Pounders and Lion Pound of Love for $6.99 BUT says that they are REGULAR $9.99 Can that be possible???? Maybe a typo????
  5. from another upstater - Saratoga County. I hear you on trouble reading patterns. Now if they would just put out lefthand graphs
  6. Welcome from another "upstater". ⛄️
  7. Thank you. I've seen RHBU and it is yummy gorgeous but I don't know if I have the stamina to try it LOL.
  8. Please, which one is the third one down (multicolored)? I bought the book just for that pattern but cannot tell which one it is :-(
  9. Welcome! I'm a lefty and in NY.
  10. Again, stunning! It took my breath away......
  11. I think that TaraB needs clarification on the border - whether on each square OR the finished afghan, or both. I don't make square pieces so don't want to confuse the issue. Tara, it is a gorgeous afghan and you are a brave soul to start out with Homespun!! I love how it looks but just have a difficult time with it. Be sure to show your Fella's. :-)
  12. Welcome back! Have thought about you, wondering how you are. We are practically neighbors.
  13. Upstate eastern NY where it is hotter than ---- Feels more like August ! I just sit under the paddle fan so I can keep on crocheting
  14. Billynomates - I lived in Grundisburgh for 1-1/2 year then RAF Woodbridge for 2-1/2 years in the early 60s. DS 2 was born at RAF BW. Sure would like to go back for a visit........ Sorry about loss of your shawl :-(
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