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  1. Just ask her (and ask her for an honest answer). I know someone who got rid of a huge pile of beautiful afghans her MIL made for her and her kids. She made some comment to me which indicated she had no appreciation for them at all. I felt bad for her MIL who put in so much time and work to make them.
  2. It looks great. Very nice job!
  3. What a neat piece. Beautiful job. You must be one fast crocheter!
  4. Just for comparison, the one I'm making now will measure approximately 33" x 42". I have another blanket that someone gave me that is 30" wide, and it is fine.
  5. That is very pretty. I like both the design and the colors.
  6. Here's a hat pattern from the Coats and Clark site that they rate as "suitable for beginners". It is knitted flat and then seamed. I'm working on my third one now.
  7. Nice job on designing, especially since you just started crocheting again.
  8. Yes, that is what I understand left-handed knitting to be, having the stitches to be worked on your right needle instead of the left one.
  9. Very pretty! Wow, five Christmas afghans? You're a fast crocheter!
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