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    relocated from LI 3/06 & LOVE it here.
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    Richmond Hill, Georgia
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  1. I finally got something accomplished this week!!! Finished a skein on my nieces Kimono sweater - almost done with the second skein,,,and finished a skein of Vanna choice on my rippleghan :clap:clap WTD +4 YTD +16
  2. :eek ARG!!! forgot to post last nite,,,but I had nothing to show this week so I guess it didn't matter. By the time I sat down after work & dinner I was too tired to focus on anything besides the inside of my eye lids :lol Hope this week is better. Happy Spring Ahead everyone !!! WTD 0
  3. Oops...I forgot to post last nite...Looks like Im not too late... Almost done with a skein of hometown usa but not quite. I love working with this yarn. doing a sweater for one of my nieces WTD 0 YTD 12
  4. Hey neighbor...Welcome to the Ville:yay
  5. well, I managed to finally finish a couple of small projects. Elizabeth's scarf is done,,,she loves it and I fixed her favorite scarf from last year. Also did a baby blanket for one of my nieces since her sister wont take a nap unless she has her wubbie from Aunt Chrissie. :lol Now they each have their own wubbies (aka blankies). Its not much, hopefully March will be better. Came home from visiting family in NY with a list of wanted crochet items. soooo excited to get started.
  6. Wow,, think I can get my score in just in time this morning. I actually got thru 2 skeins on a scarf for my sister and 2 on a blankie for my niece YEAH!!!! WTD 0 YTD 12
  7. I totally forgot to post my week end score. I'll include it in this weeks posting...bought some yarn last week, but not enough to come close to shooting the moon I was in Jax Bch running my first marathon. 26.2 with Donna to Finish Breast Cancer - it was an absolutely amazing day!!! I can't wait to do it again next year. :cheer:cheer:cheer Now to focus on some crocheting again
  8. Ok....I am really proud of myself.... I had soooo much yarn in my arms trying to get all the colors I needed for an afghan for DH but they didnt have ANY of one color I needed, so instead of buying the rest of it, I didnt buy ANY!!!! I cant even believe it..!!!! I did buy some of the new LB hometown for sweaters for my twin nieces though....2 of each color then I went to big lots and bought 5 little skeins of lion brand suede - soooo yummy feeling,,, i had to do it!!! :eek:eek:eek so thats what....9 skeins,,, -18 and its only sunday nite!!!!!: :faint I think Im working on 5 different projects and I bought more yarn!!!! Please say some of you can relate so I can feel normal :rofl
  9. On my way to AC Moore for the Prez day sale!!!!:cheer Somebody stop me !!!!:eek
  10. Well,,,I got some crocheting done, but didn't get any changes to my score. Hope I'm not too late to post. WTD - 8 YTD +4
  11. Updating my list for February....need to add a scarf for Marge
  12. Well,,,I went to AC Moore, and while I did spend most of my time petting all the soft, fluffy yarns I did cave and bought 4 skeins. :eek At least I bought only what I needed for the 2 little projects I need to do before my visit with family at the end of the month. With any luck I'll get thru them this week :cheer:cheer I thought that showed TONS of willpower!!! It's my first yarn purchase of 2010:yes
  13. Heart shaped potholders and red dishcloths are on the way !! woo hooo:woo:woo
  14. Guess I'll post now since I'm sure I'll fall asleep with the in my hand tonite Plan on finishing my sisters wool ease scarf tonite & doing some quick wrist warmers to match Didn't get thru much stash There's always tonite and all day tomorrow :cheer WTD +1 YTD +12
  15. Joanne & Tam I just love your afghans!!! i havent started a Feb project yet ---- I have to finish my Jan project!! Have to finish the sweet pea blankie for my nieces before month end when i go see them:clap:clap:clap
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