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  1. Awesome job! I wish Charts/symbols were required with all patterns! They help so much when I am confused about what the next step is.
  2. I see orange in my future. I plan of making an afghan for a neice and her favorite color is orange so.........
  3. Gorgeous! I like the combination. I am not ususally a fan of blues per se. Then I just finished a swap on Ravelry and the swapee loves blue. So I have been looking at blues alot and there are some pretty ones.
  4. My own design: I made 16 twelve inch motifs, each one different. Versaillles,Arches Square, Yarn Clouds, Pineapple Blossom, Canadian Spring,Butterfly Garden,Windowpane, Wheel Lattice, Enough Love to go around, Heat Wave, Cygnus, Dream Catcher, More V’s Please, Mistletoe and Basic Granny. I used Vanna’s Choice in Purple, Dusty Purple, Olive & Dusty Green. I used Impeccable #1008(cream). I used border #59 from Around the Corner Crochet Borders by Edie Eckman. This took about a year to finish. It is for my niece Lisa. I am very proud of this project!
  5. I have finished the afghan! I will post pics tomorrow. Hopefully the sun will shine so i can get some good photos!
  6. Wow everyone is doing great! I love all the afghans. So pretty!!!! I have not worked on mine for a while. I am almost done with a swap and then I will finish the afghan. I promise!!!
  7. Robi


    Welcome! Here have a cookie- Oatmeal Raisin ! I just made them.
  8. omgosh that is gorgeous! I just found out a friend is pregnant........hmmmm.
  9. I know, so do I. I am looking at my books on borders now looking for something that will give it WOW power.
  10. This is how far I have gotten on my niece's afghan so far. I am LOVING it! I teased her and sent her a pic of just a corner. She wents nuts. I am so excited! I am looking at my book on edgings and going to do a big edging in the dark purple. I might make a couple of pillows too, not sure yet.
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