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    Stay at home mom of 2 amazing boys, proud military wife of my hero
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    Fort Meade, MD
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    reading, photography, crochet, cross-stitch, learning to knit
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    Independent Herbalife Distributor and full time mom
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    toys, afghans, scarfs, hats, i'll try just about anything though!
  • Crocheting since...
    since childhood (thanks mom!)
  1. My mom taught me when I was little (probably between 6-8 years old). Over the years I forgot, but when I got pregnant with my first in 2001, I picked up my hooks again and re-taught myself!
  2. That's like me...I've got family in wilmington and claymont so we are up at least once a month if not more often!
  3. I'm originally from DE, am now in MD and often come home for the weekends. My sister is also in DE and a crocheter (daniellemarie on here). Am from claymont tho, def a little drive from symrna!
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